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Friday, July 1, 2016

Meeting in Music

June 28

Recent updates to previously posted music

Meeting in Music6/28/16 Bach +1CD set The well Tempered Clavier by Samuel Feinberg (1959) (a rip by Corrado D.)6/28/16 Bach +1CD set Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Violin by Salvatore Accardo (1976) (a rip by Corrado D.)6/28/16 Bach +1CD set The Art of Fugue by Grigory Sokolov (2008) (a rip by Corrado D.)6/28/16 Bach +1CD set Brandenburg Concertos by the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin (2007) (a rip by Corrado D.) 6/27/16 Musique Française #2 +1CD Fauré, Chausson, Saint-Saens, Massenet by K. Deshayes & Ensemble Contraste 6/27/16 Musique Française #2 +2CDs Chausson Concert (Accardo) & Symphony (Ansermet) (rips by Corrado D.) 6/26/16 Musique Française #1 +1CD set Songs by Ravel, Fauré, Poulenc etc. by G. Souzay (a rip by Corrado D.) 6/26/16 Musique Française #3 +1CD Ravel's Piano Music by Vlado Perlemuter (1955 recordings) 6/26/16 Musique Française #3 +1LP Ravel's Daphnis et Chloé Suites by Willem van Otterloo in The Hague (1956) 6/26/16 Mahler 3 +1CD set Michael Tilson Thomas and the LSO, 1990 (with Janet Baker + Rückert-Lieder) 6/23/16 Schubert #2 +1CD set the Late String Quartets by the Quartetto Italiano (1965-1976-1977) 6/23/16 Schubert #1 +1CD Impromptus Op. 90 + Bach's Partitas Nos. 1 & 2 by Simone Dinnerstein (2011) 6/23/16 Schubert #3 +1CD Winterreise by Cristoph Prégardien & Andreas Staier (1998) (a rip by Corrado D.) 6/23/16 Schubert #3 +1CD Winterreise by Anton & Hilda Dermota (1963) (a rip by Corrado D.) 6/23/16 Schubert #3 +1CD Schwanengesang by Wolfgang Holzmair & Imogen Cooper (1994) (a rip by Corrado D.) 6/21/16 Bach +1CD The Musical Offering by the Accademia Bizantina and Carlo Chiarappa (1991) 6/21/16 Bach +1CD set The Cello Suites in Mischa Maisky's first recording (1985) 6/21/16 Bach +1CD The Art of Fugue by Ramin Bahrami (2006) 6/21/16 Bach 2CD sets The well Tempered Clavier Books 1 & 2 by Daniel Barenboim (2003-2005) 6/21/16 Schumann +1CD set Kreisleriana by Imogen Cooper + V.A. at the Festival de Valloires 2006 6/19/16 Strauss Operas #2 +1DVD Der Rosenkavalier by John Neschling in Palermo (2004) 6/19/16 Strauss #3 +1CD set Wind Sonatinas, Suite & Serenade by the Royal Academy Wind Ensemble (2006) 6/19/16 Strauss #2 +1CD Music from the Operas by Jeffrey Tate in Rotterdam (1992) 6/19/16 Strauss #1 +1CD Metamorphosen, Don Juan & Lieder by Joan Rodgers & Jan Latham-Koenig (2001) 6/19/16 Strauss #1 +1CD set Lieder by Edita Gruberova & Friedrich Haider (1990) 6/16/16 Musique Française #1 +1CD Fauré's 1st Piano Quartet & Trio by the Beaux Arts Trio (1988) (a rip by Dante B.) 6/16/16 Summer Nights #5 +1CD Berlioz's Symphonies fantastique by James Levine (1991) (a rip by Enrico B.) 6/16/16 Bach +1CD set Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Violin by Stefan Milenkovich (1997) (a rip by Corrado D.) 6/16/16 Bach +1CD set Brandenburg Concertos by Giardino Armonico & Giovanni Antonini (1997) (a rip by Corrado D.) 6/13/16 In the Name of Music +1CD Orff's Carmina Burana by Franz Welser-Möst in London (1989) 6/13/16 In the Name of Music +1 CD set Mendelssohn's Paulus by Kurt Masur with Theo Adam (a rip by Corrado D.) 6/13/16 Mahler Lieder +1CD Fischer-Dieskau's classic EMI recordings of the major Lieder sets (a rip by Corrado D.) 6/13/16 Musique Française #1 +1CD Frank Martin's Piano Concertos & Ballade by J-F. Antonioli & M. Viotti (1985) 6/10/16 Burgmüller Songs & Sonata Replaced rip which was missing two tracks. The new link is complete. 6/10/16 Bach +1CD set Goldberg Variations & the Partitas by Karl Richter (1958-60) (a rip by Corrado D,) 6/8/16 Summer Nights #10 +1CD Elgar's 2nd Symphony + In the South Ov. with Andrew Davis (1992) 6/8/16 Bach +1CD set The Partitas for Keyboard by Richard Goode (Piano) (2002-2003) (a rip by Corrado D,) 6/8/16 Bach +1CD set The Cello Suites by Mario Brunello (1994) (a rip by Corrado D.) 6/5/16 Summer Nights #11 +1CD A. Caldara's & A. Lingua's Cantate by Recitarcantando Urbino (2009) 6/5/16 Summer Nights #11 +1CD F.M. Stiava's Vespri di Santa Cecilia by Federico Bardazzi in Florence (2008) 6/5/16 Summer Nights #11 +1CD G. Carissimi's Historia di Job, Vanitas Vanitatum by Federico Bardazzi in Florence (2005) 6/5/16 Summer Nights #11 +1CD H. von Bingen's O Orzchis Ecclesia by Federico Bardazzi in Florence (2007) 6/3/16 Gershwin +1CD Rhapsody in Blue, An American in Paris, Cuban Ov. by Lorin Maazel in Cleveland (1975) 6/3/16 American Classics +1CD MacDowell's Piano Concertos by Donna Amato & Paul Freeman in London (1985) 6/3/16 Odd Couple #2 +1CD Chopin's 3rd Sonata by Felipe Browne in London (1999) 6/3/16 Bach +1CD Goldberg Variations by Bruno Canino (1993) (a rip by Corrado D.) 6/2/16 Wintery Romantics +1CD set Janáček's Piano Music by Håkon Austbø (2004)6/2/16 Bach +1CD Goldberg Variations by Jörg Demus (1989) 6/1/16 Schumann +1CD set Dichterliebe by M. Padmore & I. Cooper + V.A. at the Festival de Valloires 2007 6/1/16 Summer Nights #2 +1CD Yehuda - Jewish Music from the Seraglio, L'Orient Imaginaire, V. Ivanoff (1996) 5/31/16 Summer Nights #9 +1CD Dvorak's New World Symphony by Riccardo Chailly in Amsterdam (1987) 5/31/16 Summer Nights #9 +1CD Franck's Symphony by Tadaaki Otaka (1999) (a rip by Corrado D.) 5/31/16 Summer Nights #9 +1CDs Franck's & Saint-Saens' Symphonies by Antonio de Almeida in Moscow (1993) 5/29/16 Debussy #2 +1CD Mélodies by Barbara Hendricks & Michel Béroff (1985) 5/29/16 Rachmaninov #1 +1CD Cello Sonata (+ Strauss') bt Werner Thomas & Carmen Piazzini (1987) 5/27/16 Rare grooves #2 +1LP Mendelssohn's 4th Sym. 'Italian' by Colin Davis in Boston (1976) (a transfer by Enrico B.) 5/24/16 Medieval Music: New links 5/24/16 Debussy #6 +1CD String Quartet (+ Brahms's Op. 51/1) by the Ceruti Quartet (2008) 5/24/16 Debussy #5 +1CD Images & other piano pieces by Zoltan Kocsis (1988) 5/24/16 Debussy #5 1CD set Préludes & Etudes by Georges Pludermacher (2003) 5/21/16 Debussy #2 +1CD set The complete Mélodies with Ameling, von Stade, Command, Mesplé & Souzay 5/21/16 Debussy #2 +3CDs Mélodies by Christopher Maltman, Véronique Gens and Gérard Souzay 5/19/16 Debussy #5 +1CD Estampes, Pour le piano, Suite bergamasque etc. by Bruno Canino (a rip by Corrado D.) 5/19/16 Debussy #3 +1CD La mer, Préludes & Nocturnes by Jean Martinon in Paris (1974) 5/19/16 Odd Couple #2 +1Bonus, Chopin for Cello & Piano: Piatigorsky, Bonucci & Amfitheatrof (enc. by Corrado D.) 5/18/16 Debussy #6 +1CD Sonatas for Cello + Flute, Viola & Harp by Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society (2007) 5/18/16 Musique Française #2 +1CD set Ravel's Piano Music by Jean-Efflam Bavouzet (2003) (a rip by Corrado D.) 5/17/16 Musique Française #3 +1CD Ravel's Ma Mère l'Oye & Prokofiev's Cinderella by piano duo Argerich & Pletnev 5/17/16 Debussy #5 +1CD Préludes by Steven Osborne (2006) 5/17/16 Debussy #5 +1CD Préludes Book 1 & Children's Corner by Nelson Freire (2009) 5/17/16 Debussy #5 +1CD set, Préludes etc by Samson François (1970) (includes 5 Etudes) 5/17/16 Debussy #5 +1CD Images, Pour le piano & Suite bergamasque by Cécile Ousset (1986) 5/16/16 Summer Nights #8 +1CD set Brahms' Symphonies by Antal Dorati (a rip by Corrado D.) 5/16/16 Brahms +2CDs Piano Quartets by J. Demus & the Barylli + Richter & the Borodin (2nd) (rips by Corrado D,) 5/15/16 A Weimar Rhapsody +1CD Krenek Piano Sonatas Nos. 2 & 4 + G. Washington's Variations. (M. Korzhev, 2007) 5/15/16 Musique Française #1 +1CD Koechlin and Jolivet's Chamber Music with Flute (Philippe Racine, 1989) 5/13/16 Debussy #3 +1CD Jeux, Images, Prélude, Danses with Serge Baudo in Prague (1977) 5/13/16 Debussy #5 +1CD Alice Ader's rare album with Images, Estampes, Martyre de S-S, Masques etc. (1989)  5/5/16 Stravinsky #2 +1CD Sacre du printemps (+ Bartok & Boulez) by P. Boulez in Salzburg with the GMJO (1997) 5/5/16 Stravinsky #2 +1DVD Le rossignol by J. Conlon in Paris (Dessay/McLaughlin/Simcic/Urmana/Naouri) (1999) 5/5/16 Bartok #5 +1CD Miraculous Mandarin & Dance Suite by B. Maderna in Monte-Carlo (1968) (a rip by Corrado D.)5/4/16 Massenet Operas: +CD Don Quichotte at Mariinsky theater, Furlanetto/Gergiev 5/4/16 Early Music Collections: New links 5/3/16 Brahms +1CD The Quartets for Voices & Piano by the Kammerchor Stuttgart, A. Rothkopf & F. Bernius (1983)5/3/16 Brahms +1CD The String Quintets by the Hagen SQ & G. Caussé5/3/16 Brahms +1CD set The String Quartets (Italiano SQ) & Clarinet Sonatas (G. Pieterson & H. Menuhin)5/3/16 Brahms +2CDs Piano Sonata No. 3 by Lupu & String Sextets by Carmignola, Brunello etc. (rips by Corrado D.)5/3/16 Brahms +1CD Die schöne Magelone with Andreas Schmidt and Jörg Demus (1988) 5/3/16 Opera Favourites #1 +1DVD Offenbach's Les Contes d'Hoffmann by F. Chaslin in Macerata 2004 5/2/16 Summer Nights #8 +1CD set Brahms's Symphonies by B. Haitink in London (2004) 5/2/16 Summer Nights #8 +1CD Brahms's 2nd Symphony by C. Davis in Munich (1988) 5/2/16 Brahms +1CD Cello Sonatas by du Pré & Barenboim (1968) 5/2/16 Brahms +1CD Late Piano Pieces by Radu Lupu (1970) 5/2/16 Brahms +2CDs Ballades Op. 10 by Gould (1983) & Brendel (+ Weber's Grand Sonata) (1990) 5/2/16 Brahms +3CDs Piano Sonata No. 3 by Barenboim (1996), Perahia (1991), Kissin (2001) 4/27/16 Brahms +1CD/1Bonus Violin D. Oistrakh & Pedrotti (1961, rip by Corrado D.) + Fischer & Sinopoli (2000) 4/27/16 Brahms +1CD set Piano Concertos by Freire & Chailly (2006) 4/27/16 Brahms +4CDs Piano Concertos by Pollini & Abbado, Ax & Haitink, Donohoe & Svetlanov 4/27/16 Brahms +3CDs Violin Sonatas: Zukerman & Neikrug (1992), Tetzlaff & Vogt (2002), Mutter & Orkis (2010) 4/25/16 Rachmaninov #1 +3CDs the 3 Operas (Aleko, The Miserly Knight, Francesca da Rimini) by N. Järvi (1996) 4/23/16 Wintery Romantics +1Bonus Dvorak Symphony No. 7 by I. Fischer in Rome (2006) 4/23/16 Strauss #1 +1Bonus Le bourgeois gentilhomme by Christopher Hogwood in Milan (2005)  4/23/16 Rachmaninov #1 +1CD Symphony No. 1 & Isle of the Dead by M. Pletnev and the RNO (2000) 4/23/16 Rachmaninov #2 +1Bonus, 3rd Concerto by B. L. Gelber & E. Krivine in Geneva (1988) 4/23/16 Rachmaninov #2 +1CD set The Concertos in E. Wild & J. Horenstein's great recording in London (a rip by Odeon) 4/23/16 Rachmaninov #2 +3CDs Ashkenazy/Haitink; Glemser/Wit; Zilberstein/Abbado classic recordings of concertos 4/23/16 Rachmaninov #1 +2CDs Preludes by Weissenberg (1969) & 2nd Symphony by I. Fischer (2003) (rips by Sasha) 4/22/16 Schumann Piano Trio Op. 63 & Ravel's by the Trio di Bolzano (1954) (a rip by Corrado D.) 4/22/16 Prokofiev #1 +1CD set 5th Symphony by L. Maazel in Cleveland (1977) (+ Rimsky's orch. works) (a rip by Sasha) 4/22/16 Wagner's Ring +4DVDs The entire Ring des Nibelungen in J. Levine's fundamental Met production for DGG 4/21/16 Wagner's Die Walküre +1DVD the great Boulez 1980 production (Hofmann, Altmeyer, McIntyre, Jones, Schwarz) 4/20/16 Wagner's Tristan und Isolde 2DVDs Z. Mehta in Munich (1998) and J. Levine in NYC (1999) 4/20/16 Wagner's Die Meistersingers +1DVD J. Levine's 2001 release (Morris, Heppner, Mattila, Allen, Pape, Polenzani) 4/20/16 Liszt's Sonata: +1CD Peter Donohoe's 1989 recording (including Berg and Bartok's Sonatas) 4/20/16 Wintery Romantics +1CD Tchaikovsky and Dvorak: Serenade for Strings by C. Davis in Munich (1987) 4/20/16 Hindemith +1CD Reger's Clarinet Quintet & String Quartet by Karl Leister and the Vogler Quartett (1999) 4/20/16 Stravinsky #2 Apollon Musagète & Cantata by Esa-Pekka Salonen, new rip and scans available. 4/20/16 Summer Nights #8 +1CD set Brahms The Symphonies by Gustav Kuhn in Bolzano (a rip by Corrado D.) 4/19/16 Rachmaninov #1 +2CDs 2nd Symphony by S. Bychkov (1990) & Symphonic Dances by E. Batiz (1991) 4/19/16 Rachmaninov #1 +1CD 6 Choruses Op. 15 (+ Scriabin's 1st Symphony) by Valeri Polyansky (2004) 4/19/16 Rachmaninov #1 +1CD set & 1CD Preludes and Etudes-Tableaux by N. Lugansky, M. Petkova & L. McCawley 4/18/16 Wintery Romantics +6 CDs Scriabin Sonatas, Etudes, Piano Concerto, Poème de l'extase, Prometheus 4/18/16 Schubert #2 +1CD Symphony No. 9 'Great' by Daniel Barenboim in Berlin (1985) 4/18/16 Prokofiev #1 +1CD Symphonies Nos. 5 & 1 by André Previn in Los Angeles (1986) 4/17/16 Wintery Romantics +1CD Piano Trio by Perlman, Harrell, Ashkenazy (1980) 4/17/16 Wintery Romantics + 3CDs Tchaikovsky's 5th (Ormandy 1981) & 6th (Gergiev 1995), Ballet Suites by Karajan 4/17/16 Wintery Romantics +1CD Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto by V. Mullova and S. Ozawa (+ Sibelius) (1985) 4/17/16 Wintery Romantics +1CD set Tchaikovsky's Symphonies Nos. 4, 5, 6 by Gergiev and the Vienna Philh. (2004) 4/16/15 De Fesch Concerti - Musica ad Rhenum: New links 4/15/16 Musique Française #2 +1CD Respighi's Sinfonia Drammatica by Daniel Nazareth in Bratislava (1986) 4/15/16 Stravinsky #1 +1Bonus, Oedipus Rex by Jeffrey Tate in Turin 1999 (Moser, Lipovsek, von Kannen, Kapellmann) 4/15/16 Opera Favourites #3 +1DVD Levine's Trovatore at the Met 1988 (Pavarotti, Marton, Milnes, Zajick, Wells) 4/15/16 Summer Nights #1 +1CD Erwin Schulhoff's piano works by Ulrich Urban (1993) 4/15/16 Messiaen +1CD Turangalila-Symphonie with R. Chailly (J-Y. Thibaudet, p.; T. Harada, o.M.) (a rip by Cunctator) 4/14/16 Wintery Romantics +1CD Sibelius & Nielsen, Violin Concertos, by Maxim Vengerov & Daniel Barenboim (1996) 4/14/16 Summer Nights #12 +1CD B. Walter Violin Sonata & K. Goldmark 1st Suite by P. Graffin & P. Devoyon (2000) 4/14/16 Stravinsky #2 +2CDs Petrushka by D. Zinman in Baltimore & Symphony in 3 Movs. by J. Conlon in Rotterdam 4/14/16 Stravinsky #2 +1DVD Gergiev and the Vienna Philh. in Salzburg for The Firebird (+ Prokofiev & Schnittke) 4/14/16 Strauss Great Operas #2 +1DVD Ariadne auf Naxos by Colin Davis in Dresden (2000) 4/14/16 In the Name of Music +1CD Orff's Catulli Carmina & Trionfo di Afrodite by Franz Welser-Möst (1995)4/14/16 In the Name of Music +3CDs Orff's Carmina Burana by Z. Mehta (1992), A. Previn (1993) & R. Shaw (1980) 4/14/16 Hindemith +2CDs F. Schmidt's 4th Symphony (F. Welser-Moest) and Selected Organ Works (A. Juffinger) 4/14/16 Wintery Romantics +1CD Moritz Moszkowski's piano works by Seta Tanyel (1993) 4/14/16 Shostakovich #2 +1CD Piano Sonatas Nos. 2, 3, 4 by Nikolai Miaskovsky in Lydia Jardon's recording (2007) 4/13/16 Summer Nights #2 +1CD Zemlinsky's Lyrische Symphonie by Riccardo Chailly in Amsterdam (1993) 4/13/16 Darmstadt #2 +1Bonus File: Nono's Il canto sospeso with Mario Venzago in Milan 2000 (+ Berg's Op. 6) 4/13/16 Bartok #1 +1Bonus File: Piano Concerto No. 3 with Roberto Cominati e Juraj Valcuha in Turin (2007) 4/13/16 Stravinsky #2 +1CD Esa-Pekka Salonen 1988 recording of The Firebird and Jeu de Cartes in London 4/13/16 Stravinsky #2 +2CDs Haitink's Berlin Philh. recordings of The Firebird, Scènes de Ballet & Petrushka (1988/9) 4/13/16 Summer Nights #11 +1CD Joseph Suder's Piano Concerto and piano pieces by Margarita Höhenrieder (1988) 4/13/16 Selig im Glauben (Wagner's Parsifal) +2DVD sets: Levine in NYC (1992) and Nagano in Baden-Baden (2004) 4/13/16 Debussy #6 +1CD String Quartet (+ Zemlinsky's 2nd String Quartet) by the Casals String Quartet (2004) 4/13/16 Summer Nights #2 +1CD Zemlinsky, Marx, Schreker: Lieder by Dorothy Dorow & Massimiliano Damerini (1980)4/13/16 Summer Nights #2 +1CD Zemlinsky's Psalm 23 & Symphony in B-Flat by Riccardo Chailly in Berlin (1987)4/13/16 Summer Nights #2 +1CD Zemlinsky's Lyrische Symphonie by Giuseppe Sinopoli in Vienna (1995)4/13/16 Summer Nights #2 +2CDs Zemlinsky by James Conlon (Eine florentinische Tragödie & Lyrische Symphonie) 4/13/16 Opera Favourites #2 +1DVD Puccini's La fanciulla del West by Nello Santi in London (1983) 4/13/16 Opera Favourites #2 +1DVD Puccini's La Bohème by Lamberto Gardelli in London (1982) 4/13/16 Summer Nights #5 +1CD Clemens Non Papa's Missa Pastores by the Tallis Scholars under Peter Phillips (1987) 4/13/16 Stravinsky #2 +2CDs Le sacre du printemps by B. Haitink in Berlin (1995) and M. Alsop in Baltimore (2006) 4/13/16 Stravinsky #1 +2CDs Oedipus Rex: Colin Davis' 1983 and Esa-Pekka Salonen's 1991 recordings. 4/13/16 Stravinsky #2 +2CDs Esa-Pekka Salonen for Apollo, Cantata, Concerto and Works for Piano & Orchestra (1988-90) 4/12/16 Contrappunti Italiani +1CD Scarlatti Sonatas in Ivo Pogorelich's classic 1991 recording 4/12/16 Wintery Romantics +2CDs Szymanowski's Piano Music by Marc-André Hamelin (2002) & Roland Pöntinen (2008) 4/12/16 Wintery Romantics +1CD Scharwenka's 2nd Sonata, Romanzero with Seta Tanyel (1992) 4/12/16 Wintery Romantics +1CD Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade with L. Maazel and the Berlin Philh. (1985) 4/12/16 Prokofiev #2 +2CDs Piano Sonatas Nos. 1-5 and 9 & 10; Piano Sonatinas (P. Donohoe) + Cello Sonata (Wallfisch) 4/12/16 Prokofiev #1 +1CD Symphony No. 2 with Valery Gergiev and the USSR TV & Radio Symphony (1988) 4/12/16 Prokofiev #1 +1CD Alexander Nevsky with Riccardo Chailly in Cleveland (1983) 4/12/16 Prokofiev #1 +1CDs set Alexander Nevsky & Ivan the Terrible with Mstislav Rostropovich and the LSO (1991) 4/12/16 Prokofiev #1 +1CD Violin Sonatas with Erik Schumann & Henri Sigfridsson (2007) 4/12/16 Prokofiev #1 +1CD Complete works for Cello and Piano with Raphael Wallfisch & John York (1999) 4/8/16 Cello Sonatas New links 4/4/16 Schumann +1CD set The Symphonies by Gustav Kuhn and the Haydn Orchestra (2010) (a rip by Corrado D.) 4/4/16 Hindemith +1CD Reger: 4 Solo Violin Sonatas by Ulrike-Anima Mathé (1995) 4/3/16 Hindemith +1CD Reger's Clarinet Quintet by Wenzel Fuchs & the Berlin Philharmonic String Quartet (1999) 4/3/16 Hindemith +1CD set Reger's Cello Sonatas by Alban Gerhardt and Markus Becker (2008) 4/3/16 Hindemith +1CD set Reger's Complete Works for Clarinet & Piano (Ib Hausmann & Nina Tichman, 1998) 4/3/16 Hindemith +1CD Reger: 2 Violin Sonatas by H. Schneeberger & J-J. Dünki (1991) 4/3/16 Hindemith +1CD Reger's Mozart Variations (+Schumann, Weber & Naumann) by Blomstedt in Dresden (1990) 4/3/16 Hindemith +1CD Reger: 3 Solo Violin Sonatas by Ulrike-Anima Mathé (1993) 4/3/16 American Classics +1CD Korngold's Symphonic Serenade + Griffes' Roman Sketches by S. Pittau and the LSO 4/3/16 Contrappunti Italiani +1CD Busoni pieces by G. Andaloro & M. Vacatello (+Franck, Handel, Liszt, Chopin) (2005) 4/3/16 Contrappunti Italiani +1CDset Malipiero's complete String Quartets by the Orpheus String Quartet (1991) 4/3/16 Contrappunti Italiani +1CD Busoni's Turandot Suite + Casella & Martucci's orchestrals works: Riccardo Muti (1992)4/3/16 Contrappunti Italiani +1CD Busoni's Piano Concerto by Garrick Ohlsson & Christoph von Dohnányi (1989) 4/3/16 Contrappunti Italiani +2CDs Busoni's 6 Sonatinas both by Roland Pöntinen (1999) and Michele Campanella (1981) 4/3/16 Contrappunti Italiani +1CD Busoni: Elegies and Sonata by Bruce Wolosoff (rare CD 1986) 3/30/16 Schumann +1CD Alicia de Larrocha for Piano Concerto (C. Davis) + Piano Quintet (Tokyo SQ) 3/30/16 Summer Nights #8 +1CD Brahms' 1st Symphony by Sawallisch in London (1991) (a rip by Corrado) 3/29/16 Summer Nights #1 +1CD Lieder by Korngold, Schreker, Weigl & Schoenberg by S. Kimbrough & D. Baldwin 3/29/16 Mahler Das Lied von der Erde +1CD K. Sanderling 1985 recording (with P. Schreier & B. Finnilä) (a rip by Juan F.) 3/28/16 Summer Nights #8 +1CD Brahms' Symphony No. 3 with Carlo Maria Giulini in Vienna 1991 3/28/16 Strauss #2 +1DVD Giuseppe Sinopoli and the Staatskapelle Dresden: Eine Alpensinfonie (+Wagner's Rienzi Ov.) 3/26/16 Mahler Das Lied von der Erde +1DVD Semyon Bychkov in Cologne (with Torsten Kerl & Waltraud Meier) 3/26/16 Wintery Romantics +2CDs Gorecki's 3rd Symphony (Zinman) and Khachaturian's Ballet Suites (Simonov) 3/26/16 Wintery Romantics +3CDs Lyapunov, Paderewski, Moszkowski's Piano C.tos; Moszkowski, Karlowicz's Violin C.tos 3/26/16 Wintery Romantics +2CDs Borodin's Symphonies by V. Gergiev (Rotterdam, 1990) and M. Ermler (Moscow, 2000) 3/26/16 Wintery Romantics +1CD Borodin's String Quartets Nos. 1 & 2 by the Borodin Quartet (1966) 3/25/16 Hindemith +2CDs Bernstein's and Eschenbach's recordings of Orchestral Works (with Midori for the Violin 3/25/16 Debussy #1 +1CD Montserrat Caballé for La damoiselle élue (and Chausson's Poème), Wyn Morris conducting. 3/25/16 Second Viennese School #3 +2CD Berg's Violin (van Keulen) + Orchestral Works (M. Venzago, cond.) 3/25/16 Second Viennese School #3 +1CD Berg's Kammerkonzert conducted by Hindemith (1959) 3/24/16 A Weimar Rhapsody +1CD Krenek's Quartets Nos. 1 & 7 by the Petersen String Quartet (2003) 3/24/16 Strauss Operas #2 +2DVDs Abbado's (1989) and Böhm's (1981) Elektra in Vienna 3/24/16 In the Name of Music +4CDs Wolf's Lieder Bär & Fischer-Dieskau + Italienisches Liederbuch (Cotrubas/Allen & Oelze/Blochwitz) 3/24/16 In the Name of Music +1CD Pfitzner's Lieder selection with J. Kaufmann, C. Prégardien & A. Schmidt (1997) 3/24/16 In the Name of Music +2CDs Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 2 'Lobgesang' by Abbado (1985) and Chailly (2005) 3/24/16 Wagner Romantic Masterpieces +1DVD James Levine's celebrated Lohengrin at the Met 1986. 3/24/16 Strauss #4 +1CD Don Quixote in Pierre Fournier's classic Szell/1960 recording in Cleveland (a rip by Sasha) 3/18/16 Schubert #2 +1CD Symphony No. 3 by Ilan Volkov (+ Haydn's Symphony No. 46 & Mendelssohn's Melusine) 3/18/16 Schumann +1CD Brigitte Engerer's late studio recording (2003), including Mendelssohn, Chopin and Liszt. 3/18/16 Schumann +2CDs Concerto (+Grieg's) by Kovacevich & C. Davis (1971); Symphonic Etudes by Brendel (1990) 3/18/16 Schubert #3 +1CD New Rip and original scans of Winterreise by Hampson and Sawallisch (1997) 3/17/16 Poulenc +2CDs Sonatas by Pascal Rogé & Friends & Gloria by Andrew Davis (+ Stravinsky's Psalms Symphony) 3/17/16 Strauss #4 +1CD Pfitzner and Strauss Orchestral music from Operas, with Thielemann at the Berlin Deutschen Oper 3/16/16 Wintery Romantics +2CDs Grieg's Lyric Pieces (Andsnes, 2001) and 3 Violin Sonatas (Amoyal & Chiu, 1999) 3/16/16 The long Goodbye +1CD Beethoven's 9th Symphony in Karajan's classic London recording (1955) (a rip by Sasha) 3/15/16 Liszt +1CD Piano Sonata (+Scriabin's 2nd Sonata) by Ivo Pogorelich (1992) 3/15/16 Musique Française #1 +1CD Saint-Saëns' Symphony No. 3 with Peter Maag and Daniel Chorzempa (1986) 3/15/16 Mahler Lieder +1CD Des Knaben Wunderhorn by Charles Mackerras (with A. Murray and T. Allen) (1990) 3/15/16 Summer Nights #1 +1CD Korngold's Lieder by Steven Kimbrough and Dalton Baldwin (1984) 3/15/16 Mahler 9 +1CD Myung-Whun Chung and the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra 3/14/16 Musique Française #1 +1CD Dutilleux's Correspondance and 'Tout un monde lontain...' with Salonen (2011) 3/14/16 Second Viennese School #3 +1CD Boulez's rec.of Schoenberg's Suite Op. 29 & Op. 4 in the Sextet version 3/13/16 Strauss #4 +1CD Lieder with Soile Isokoski and Marita Viitasalo (the studio recording on Ondine) 3/12/16 American Classics +1CD Vernon Duke's Violin Concerto and Sonata by Elmira Darvarova and Scott Dunn 3/12/16 Shostakovich #1 +1BONUS Symphony No. 4: Jukka-Pekka Saraste & the Orchestra Sinfonica della RAI (2004) 3/12/16 Strauss Operas #2 +1DVD Der Rosenkavalier: Franz Welser-Möst's production in Zürich (2004) 3/11/16 Summer Nights #10 +1CD Keith Emerson's Piano Concerto in Emerson's recording from 1977 (J. Mayer, LPO) 3/11/16 Bartok's Voices #5 +1CD Georg Solti's Hungarian Connections, works by Bartok, Weiner, Kodaly, Liszt (1993) 3/11/16 Strauss Great Operas #1 +1CD set Kurt Masur's Ariadne auf Naxos in Dresden (1988) 3/11/16 Strauss Great Operas #1 +1DVD James Levine's Ariadne auf Naxos in New York (1988) 3/11/16 Strauss Great Operas #1 +1CD set with James Levine's Ariadne auf Naxos in Vienna (1987) 3/11/16 Musique Française #2 +1CD Milhaud's orchestral music and Harp Concerto (F. Cambreling) with Kent Nagano 3/11/16 Musique Française #1 +1CD Dukas' complete piano music by Laurent Wagschal (2013) 3/10/16 Remembering Harnoncourt's early recordings: +1CD Music at the Court of Mannheim 3/10/16 Menotti's The Medium +1DVD the 1977 classic video recording with Maureen Forrester as Madame Flora 3/10/16 Gershwin +1DVD Simon Rattle's Porgy & Bess (Glyndebourne 1993) 3/10/16 Debussy #6 +1CD Transcriptions for 2 Pianos of Jeux + Stravinsky's Sacre & Bartok's Portraits by Bavouzet & Guy 3/10/16 Debussy #6 +1CD Violin Sonata (+ Pierné's and Fauré's 1st) by C. Giovaninetti & I. Aoyagi (2013) 3/10/16 Debussy #6 Violin Sonata (+ Brahms' 2nd & Schubert's 1st Sonatina) Simone Bernardini & Vanessa Benelli-Mosell 3/10/16 Debussy #3 +1CD Printemps, La boite à joujoux, Children's Corner with Dutoit in Montréal (1994) 3/10/16 Second Viennese School #8 +1DVD Berg's Wozzeck in 1987 Claudio Abbado's production in Vienna 3/10/16 Second Viennese School #8 +1DVD Berg's Lulu in 2002 Franz Welser-Möst's production in Zürich 3/10/16 Second Viennese School #8 +1DVD Berg's Lulu in 1996 Andrew Davis' production in Glyndebourne 3/9/16 Bartok #5 +1CD Concerto for Orchestra with the Purcell School Orchestra conducted by Lionel Friend (1997) 3/9/15 Malcolm Arnold Symphonies - new links added 3/9/16 Summer Nights #3 +1CD Wagner scenes with tenor William Lewis and conductor Gabor Ötvös 3/4/16 Weill +1CD set 'Street Scene' in John Mauceri's 1990 classic recording for Decca 3/4/16 Strauss Operas #1 +1DVD Levine's Elektra (1980, B. Nilsson, L. Rysanek, M. Dunn, D. McIntyre, R. Nagy) 3/4/16 Stravinsky #1 +1DVD Ozawa's Oedipus Rex (1993), directed by Julie Taymor (P. Langridge, J. Norman, B. Terfel) 3/2/16 Ein Bach... +1CD Catalan keyboardist Miquel Villalba's splendid recording of the Goldberg Variations 3/2/16 Ein Bach... +1CD Glenn Gould's must-have 1981 recording of the Goldberg Variations for CBS 3/2/16 Ein Bach... +1CD Angela Hewitt's rare early Canadian recording of Concertos BWV 1052-3-6 with M. Bernardi 3/2/16 Ein Bach... +7CDs Murray Perahia's Concertos, English Suites, Partitas and Goldberg Variations for Sony 3/2/16 Ein Bach... +1CD set: Anner Bylsma's classic recording of the Cello Suites (1991) 2/21/16 Spanish School #2 +1CD Ginastera's Estancia Suite & Harp Concerto (Barrera) under Josep Pons (2003) 2/21/16 Wintery Romantics +1CD Magdalena Kozena's recording of Martinu, Dvorak & Janacek's Love Songs (2000) 2/21/16 Wintery Romantics +1CD Clifford Curzon and Vienna Philh. Quartet for Dvorak and Franck's Piano Quintets 2/11/16 Contrappunti Italiani +1 Bonus File: Vanessa Benelli Mosell for Busoni's Chopin Variatons (2006) 2/6/16 Musique Française #3 +1CD Fischer-Dieskau's historic 1975 recording of Ravel, Poulenc and Fauré's songs 2/6/16 Wintery Romantics +1DDL Sibelius and Goldmark, Violin Concertos by Bell and Salonen (2000) 2/6/16 Wintery Romantics +1DDL Sibelius, Symphony No. 2 by Salonen and the LA Philh. (2007) 2/5/16 Shostakovich #1 +1CD Jansons's recrding of Symphonies Nos. 2 & 12 in Munich (2005) 2/5/16 Shostakovich #1 +2CDs New rips for Jansons's Symphonies Nos. 3 + 14 & 13 on EMI 2/4/16 Ein Bach... +1CD set Goldberg-Variationen in Tessa Uys's rare recording for Claremont (2000) 2/4/16 Intense Bruckner +1DVD Audio Rip: Sinopoli's 4th Symphony in Tokyo with the Philharmonia Orchestra (1988) 2/4/16 Musique Française #2 +1CD Franck & Debussy by Kenneth Weir (+ Rachmaninov's Chopin Variations) (2001) 2/4/16 Debussy #3 +1CD Images and Nocturnes with Dutoit in Montréal (1988) 2/4/16 Debussy #4 +1CD Etudes & Estampes by Véronique Pélisséro (1991) 2/4/16 American Classics +1CD Leroy Anderson's Favourite Orchestral Pieces conducted by Leonard Slatkin (1993) 1/28/16 Recorder music #1 New rips and links 1/27/16 Musique Française #1 +1LP Franck's Piano Quintet and Prélude, Choral et Fugue by J-P. Collard and Muir SQ 1/27/16 Debussy #6 +1LP String Quartet (+ Ravel's), by the Alban Berg Quartett on EMI (1984) 1/27/16 Summer Nights #4 +1LP Roger Woodward's recording of Beethoven's Op. 111 & Op. 57 for RCA (1973) 1/24/16 Opera Favourites #2 +1CD set Levine's Manon Lescaut (Decca, 1993)  1/21/16 Opera Favourites #1 +1CD set Karajan's 1982 recording of Carmen for DGG 1/18/16 Ein Bach... +1CD set Johannes-Passion in Harnoncourt's classic recording for Teldec (1993) 1/17/16 Ein Bach... +1CD set The Cello Suites in Rostropovich's classic 1991 EMI recording 1/16/16 Debussy #2 +1DDL Songs (including Chansons de Bilitis) + Ravel and Chausson by DeGaetani & Kalish (1979) 1/15/16 Musique Française #3 +1CD Ravel's Gaspard de la nuit (+ Elliott Carter's piano works) by Pierre-Laurent Aimard 1/14/16 Shostakovich #2 +1CD set Preludes and Fugues Op. 87 (+Bach from WTC Book 1) selections: Mustonen 1/14/16 Bartok's Voices #5 Additional links for 5CD-box Dorati conducts Bartok (Mercury Living Presence) 1/13/16 Summer Nights #10 +1CD Elgar & Walton's Violin Sonatas by Daniel Hope & Simon Mulligan (2000) 1/12/16 Summer Nights #2 +1CD Reger's Mozart Variations (Salonen) & Romantic Suite (Zagrosek) in Baden-Baden 1/11/16 Summer Nights #5 +5CDs Vivaldi by Onofri & Antonini, Harnoncourt, Hogwood, Petri, Kermes & Marcon 1/8/16 Debussy #5 +1CD Alice Ader's recording of Préludes 1 & Jeux (2002) (previously posted in Feb. 2012) 1/7/16 Opera Favourites #2 +1CD set Puccini's Turandot in Molinari-Pradelli's 1965 recording in Rome 1/7/16 Opera Favourites #2 +1CD set Puccini's Fanciulla del West in Lorin Maazel's 1991 recording in Milan 1/6/16 Debussy #5 +1CD Préludes by Pascal Rogé (2004 recording) 1/5/16 Debussy #4 +1CD set The Piano Music in Daniel Ericourt's rare recording (1962) (a rip by DanseDePuck) 1/5/16 Debussy #5 +1CD set Préludes, Images and Estampes by Claudio Arrau (1981) (a rip by OdeonMusico) 1/5/16 Opera Favourites #2 +2CD sets Puccini: Maazel's Manon Lescaut (1992) & Chailly's La Bohème (1992) 1/5/16 Wintery Romantics +1CD Maazel's Mussorgsky: Pictures and Night in Cleveland for Telarc (1978) 1/3/16 Summer Nights #4 +1CD Beethoven's 9th Symphony by Donald Runnicles in Atlanta (2003) 1/2/16 Strauss Oktoberfest #3 +1CD Vier letzte and Lieder Selection with Soile Isokoski & Marek Janowski (2002) 1/2/16 Strauss Great Operas #2 +1CD set Der Rosenkavalier by Andrew Davis (1995) 12/31/15 Orlando di Lasso: +1CD Moduli Quinis Vocibus, Herreweghe, with extra links (bzzz) 12/29/15 Opera Favourites #2 +1CD Puccini's Suor Angelica by Bartoletti in Rome (1973) (a rip by Juan) 12/23/15 Hindemith +1CD performs his Piano Duet Sonata, 3rd Violin Sonata, Der Schwanendreher (a rip by bzzz) 12/22/15 Debussy #5 +1CD the Préludes by Philippe Bianconi (2012) 12/22/15 Summer Nights #10 +1CD Elgar's Cello Concerto & Enigma Vars. by J. Lloyd Webber & Menuhin (1985) 12/22/15 Ein Bach... +1CD Cantatas BWV 140 & 147 with John E. Gardiner (1990) 12/16/15 Summer Nights #10 +1CD Walton's 2nd Sym., Hindemith Variations and Partita (G. Szell 1959) (a rip by Sasha) 12/16/15 Summer Nights #10 +1CD Carols from Trinity College, Cambridge, conducted by Richard Marlow (1988) 12/16/15 English Baroque Music: New links 12/14/15 Mahler 2 +1CD V. Neumann's recording for Supraphon Fidelio in 1980 12/14/15 Liszt +1CD Gyula Kiss' recording of the 2 Piano Concertos and Totentanz (1976) 12/13/15 O Tuneful Voice (Bronze Series) Added new link with tracks Nos.20-22 repaired using CueTools. 12/13/15 American Classics +1CD Rozsa, Gould and Menotti Orchestral Music by David Amos and the LSO (1990) 12/13/15 Rachmaninov #2 +1CD 2nd Concerto by Cécile Ousset & Simon Rattle (+Grieg's Concerto with Marriner) 12/9/15 Debussy #5 +4CDs Préludes Book 1 (or both) by S.D. Lasry, M. Pollini, O. Maisenberg, Y. Egorov. 12/9/15 Debussy #5 +2CDs Selected Works by M. Lympany and R. O'Hora 12/9/15 Musique Française #1 +1HQ DDL Frank Martin's Mass for Double Choir with Robert Shaw (1994) 12/8/15 Spanish School #2 +1HQ DDL Villa-Lobos' Etudes and Preludes for Guitar with Alvaro Pierri 12/8/15 Spanish School #2 +1HQ DDL S. Isbin with the NYP and J. Serebrier for Rodrigo, Villa-Lobos and Ponce 12/8/15 Spanish School #2 +1CD Falla's Popular Songs by Ann Murray + Ginastera's Estancia (Harth-Bedoya cond.) 12/7/15 Summer Nights #10 +4CDs Holst's The Planets by Yoel Levi, Zubin Mehta, Eugene Ormandy, André Previn. 12/7/15 Debussy #6 +1LP String Quartet (+ Ravel's) by the Quatuor Parrenin on EMI (1970) 12/7/15 Summer Nights #5 +2CDs Handel's Organ Concertos (A. Frigé) and Selected Secular Cantatas (J. Baird) 12/7/15 Composer Alexandre Guilmant: new links 12/5/15 Debussy #4 +1CD box The Piano Music (including a MUST-HAVE recording of the Etudes) by Albert Ferber 12/5/15 Debussy #4 +4CDs The Etudes recordings by Jean-Pierre Armengaud, Monique Haas, Roland Krüger, Ju-Ying Song 12/5/15 Strauss Great Operas #2 +1CD box Edo de Waart's 1976 Der Rosenkavalier in Rotterdam 12/4/15 Summer Nights #10 +3CDs Grainger by Gardiner, Howell's Hymnus paradisi, Elgar by du Pré & Barenboim 12/4/15 Summer Nights #4 +6CDs Beethoven by Rostropovich/Richter, Serkin/Ozawa, Buchbinder, Gieseking, Maazel 12/3/15 Second Viennese School #4 +1LP Schoenberg's Erwartung by Susan Davenny-Wyner (+ Wolpe's Symphony) 12/2/15 Wintery Romantics +1CD Alexander Ardakov's recording of selected Piano works by Glinka, Scriabin, Chopin 12/1/15 Opera Favourites #1 +2CDs Humperdinck's Hansel & Gretel recorded by Donald Runnicles in Munich (1994) 12/1/15 Musique Française #3 +1CD Ravel's Gaspard and Tombeau in Charles Rosen 1959 recording for Epic 12/1/15 Darmstadt #3 +1CD Charles Rosen recording of Boulez 1st Sonata and excerpts from 3rd Sonata (1972) 11/27/15 Summer Nights #9 +1CD Brahms' Deutsches Requiem/Levine (a rip by Juan) + Selected Lieder from original LP 11/24/15 Musique Française #2 +1LP Ravel' for 2 Pianos and Piano Duet with Maria Tipo & Alessandro Specchi (1979) 11/24/15 Prokofiev #2 +1LP Tedd Joselson's rare recording of Sonatas Nos. 2 & 8 (RCA, 1976) 11/23/15 The Odd Couple +3CDs Mozart's Violin Concertos (Kavakos & Camerata S.) + "Gran Partita" by I Fiati di Parma 11/23/15 The Odd Couple +2CDs Mozart's K. 467& 595 (R. Serkin/Abbado) + 488 & 537 (F. Gulda/Harnoncourt) 11/20/15 Summer Nights #6 +1CD Rameau's Grands motets in Hervé Niquet's 1992 recording 11/18/15 Schoenberg Piano Music +1LP the rare 1970 J. von Vintschger recording for Turnabout Vox 11/18/15 Debussy #5 +1CD Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky for Piano Duet with Moneta & Rota Piano Duo (1990) 11/18/15 Debussy #5 +1CD Debussy & Ravel's Music for 2 Pianos and Piano Duet by Collard & Béroff (1982) 11/18/15 Debussy #6 +2CDs Debussy & Ravel's chamber works and Songs with chamber ensemble by the Nash Ens. 11/18/15 Debussy #3 +8CDs Orchestral works with Boulez, Lombard, Salonen, Volkov, Krivine, Rattle, F. de Burgos 11/17/15 Summer Nights #5 +1CD Couperin's Livre de Clavecin (6th, 8th, 18th Ordres) by Angela Hewitt (2002) 11/17/15 Ein Bach... +3CDs Tureck in St. Petersburg + Anderszewski Partitas 1,3,6 + Baroque music for Oboe and Organ 11/15/15 Summer Nights #7 +2CDs Brahms' Piano Concertos by M. Tirimo and the LPO (K. Sanderling & Y. Levi) 11/15/15 Strauss Oktoberfest #2 +1CD Zarathustra (Skrowaczewski) + Symphonia Domestica (Seaman) (NYO of GB) 11/12/15 Summer Nights #8 +1CD Brahms's Serenades in Haitink's classic Philips recording (1981) 11/12/15 Stravinsky #2 +1CD Gatti's 2011 recording with the ONF: Sacre and Petrushka 11/12/15 Stravinsky #2 +1CD Chamber Orchestra Works by the Endymion Ensemble under J. Whitfield (1987). Rare. 11/12/15 Stravinsky #2 +1CD Boulez's 1975 classic Firebird recording with the New York Philharmonic 11/12/15 Stravinsky #2 +2CD Sacre, Firebird, Petrushka & Pulcinella by Yakov Kreizberg and the Monte-Carlo Philh. 11/12/15 Stravinsky #2 +1CD Rattle and the National Youth Orchestra of GB (Sacre) + Dorati and the RPO (Firebird) 11/11/15 Prokofiev #2 +1CD Peter & the Wolf by M. Harth-Bedoya in Fort Worth + Saint-Saens' Carnaval des animaux 11/10/15 Locatelli - Complete Flute Sonatas: New links 11/10/15 Wintery Romantics +1CD Dvorak's Cello Concerto & Tchaikovsky's Rococo with Rostropovich & Karajan 11/10/15 Mahler Lieder +1CD Y. Minton and P. Boulez for Rückert Lieder + Wagner's Wesendonck (1979) 11/10/15 Hindemith +1CD Quartet with Clarinet and Piano with E.Brunner etc. (1999) (a rip by bzzz) 11/10/15 Summer Nights #7 +2LPs Brahms' Ballades Op. 10 by E. Gilels and by W. Kempff 11/9/15 Schumann +1LP Mehta's recording of the 3rd Symphony with the Vienna Philharmonic (Decca 1983) 11/9/15 Summer Nights #8 +1LP Mehta's Brahms's 1st Symphony with the Vienna Philharmonic (a transfer by Enrico B) 11/9/15 Rachmaninov #2 +1CD Leon McCawley's recording of the 3rd Concerto with Charles Groves conducting (1990) 11/9/15 Intense Bruckner +1CD Muti's 4th with the Berlin Philharmonic (1985) 11/9/15 Second Viennese School #1 +1 Bonus: Schoenberg's Phantasy Op. 47 by Irvine Arditti & Noriko Kawai 11/8/15 Poulenc +1LP & 1CD L'Histoire de Babar, with R. Gérôme & J. Février and with J. Moreau & J-M. Luisada 11/8/15 Second Viennese School #3 + 1LP Schoenberg's Chamber Works by de Leeuw (1986) 11/7/15 Second Viennese School #3 +1Double LP: Schoenberg's Complete Chamber Choir Works by de Leeuw 11/6/15 Second Viennese School #6 +1CD Dorow & de Leeuw: Webern's complete Soprano and Chamber Orchestra 11/6/15 Second Viennese School #6 +1LP Dorow & de Leeuw for Webern, Dallapiccola, Schoenberg & Stravinsky 11/4/15 Sgorby Rips #1 +1CD Sammartini's Quintetti e Quartetti by Ensemble Aglàia (2007) (a rip by Davide) 10/29/15 Dutch Organists #Part2: New links 10/27/15 Essential American Classics +1LP Wolpe, Lieberson, Stravinsky: piano works Peter Serkin (1985) 10/27/15 Second Viennese School #3 +1LP Serenade Op. 24, Boulez's classic recording of 1963 for Wergo. 10/27/15 Schoenberg Piano Music +1CD Paul Jacobs' legendary Nonesuch recording (1975) (a rip by BZ) 10/27/15 Mendelssohn Chamber Music: New links 10/25/15 Mendelssohn New links 10/24/15 Hindemith +1CD 4 Violin Sonatas with Oleg Kagan & Sviatoslav Richter (1978) (a rip by bzzz) 10/23/15 Glories of the Italian Piano School +1CD Domenico Nordio & Giorgia Tomassi (Beethoven & Pärt) 10/23/15 Glories of the Italian Piano School +1CD Geza Hosszu-Legocki & Giorgia Tomassi (Franck & Beethoven) 10/23/15 Glories of the Italian Piano School +1CD Giorgia Tomassi's unreleased recording of Chopin's Préludes (1997) 10/23/15 Rachmaninov #2 +1CD Glemser's recording of 2nd and 3rd Concertos under Wit (1996) (a rip by Lupo2004) 10/22/15 Summer Nights #7 +1CD Brahms's Violin Sonatas by Cristopher White and Melanie Reinhard (1999) 10/21/15 Rare Grooves #1 +3LPs Böhm's Eroica; Argerich's Bach and Muti's Verdi (4 Pezzi Sacri) 10/21/15 Dutch Organists #1 New links 10/20/15 Rare Grooves #2 +1LP Debussy Images, Faune and La mer by Paul Paray and the Detroit SO (1957) 10/19/15 Glories of the Italian Piano School +1CD Ciani & Gavazzeni for Mozart's K. 466 & K. 491 (1970/1973) 10/19/15 Rachmaninov #2 +1CD Noriko Ogawa's recording of 2nd and 3rd Concertos in Malmö under Hughes (1997) 10/16/15 Darmstadt #5 +3LPs Xenakis's Choral and Orchestral works with Constant and Tabachnik (a rip by Sotise) 10/16/15 Darmstadt #5 +1LP Rare album with Levinas's Orchestral Works ripped by friend Sotise (Adès MFA 1985) 10/15/15 American Classics +1CD Bernstein's Dybbuk (Complete Ballet), first recording (1974) 10/15/15 Wintery Romantics +1CD: Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade by John Mauceri and the LSO (1987) 10/1/15 Glories of the Italian Piano School +1DDL: Tomassi with Accardo for Beethoven's 'Kreutzer' & 'Spring' (2004) 10/1/15 Glories of the Italian Piano School + 1 Bonus: Dino Ciani plays Brahms's 1st Piano Concerto (Turin, 1969) 10/1/15 Messiaen +1LP: Paul Jacobs' rare recording of the Quatre études de rythme + Busoni, Stravinsky, Bartók (1976) 9/29/15 Strauss Great Operas #2 +2CD sets: Der Rosenkavalier. Karajan's (1956) and Bernstein's (1971) recordings 9/29/15 Strauss Great Operas #2 +1CD set: Die ägyptische Helena conducted by Gérard Korsten in Cagliari (2001) 9/27/15 Rare Grooves #2 +1LP Rimsky-Korsakov's Russian Easter etc. with Ernest Ansermet (1958) (a rip by Enrico B) 9/26/15 Mahler 3 +1CD set: V. Neumann's great Prague early digital recording for Supraphon (1981) 9/26/15 Mahler Lieder +1CD Christianne Stotijn's Rückert and Selected Lieder + Brahms Alto Rhapsody (2006) 9/25/15 Second Viennese School Ess'ls #2 +1CD Berg's Kammerkonzert by the Baton Rouge Chamber Players 9/25/15 Messiaen +1CD Cinq rechant by the BBC Singers/S. Cleobury (+ Choral works by Villette, Poulenc, Caplet) 9/25/15 In the Name of Music +1CD Mendelssohn's 2nd Symphony ('Lobgesang') by Richard Hickox (2002) 9/24/15 Mahler Das Lied von der Erde +1CD, Donald Runnicles (2008) 9/24/15 Strauss Oktoberfest #2 +2CDs The Piano Music by Stefan Vladar & The Piano Trios by Odeon Trio 9/24/15 Strauss Oktoberfest #3 +2CDs Alpensinfonie: Masur & ONF (2007) and M. Jansons & BBC Welsh (1991) 9/22/15 Schoenberg Piano Music +2CDs Roland Pöntinen's & Madalena Soveral's fabulous complete recordings 9/22/15 Schoenberg Piano Music +1CD, Claude Helffer's classic recording for HM (1969) (a rip by John F) 9/22/15 Schoenberg Operas +1CD set, Georg Solti's reference recording of Moses und Aron in Chicago 1985 for Decca 9/21/15 Messiaen +1CD, Cinq Rechants + Stockhausen's Choruses for Doris and Xenakis choral works (Chandos, 1998)9/21/15 Messiaen +1DDL, Fête Des Belles Eaux by the Sextet of Ondes Martenot of Montréal (ATMA 2008) 9/18/15 Summer Nights #1 +1 Bonus: Martinu, Krasa and Schulhoff conducted by Christopher Hogwood (Milan, 2003) 9/18/15 Hindemith +1Bonus: Hindemith in Italy, conducting his music plus Brahms's, Webern's and Blacher's at RAI 9/18/15 Hindemith +1CD Violist A. Tamestit & P. Järvi beautiful CD (also including pianist M. Hadulla) (2012) 9/18/15 Summer Nights #10 +1CD set, Lloyd Webber's rock opera masterpiece Jesus Christ Superstar (London cast 1996) 9/18/15 Weill +1CD Dessau's Symphony No. 2, In memoriam Brecht, Les voix etc. by Roger Epple on Capriccio (2009) 9/18/15 Rare Grooves +1LP Liszt & Wagner Preludes with Mehta & the WP (1967) (a stunning LP transfer by Enrico B) 9/17/15 Prokofiev #2 +1CD Boris Giltburg's recording of the War Sonatas (6th, 7th and 8th) (2012) 9/16/15 Poulenc +1CD Chamber Music with Woodwinds and Piano Duet Sonata by the Ensemble Petra (1999) 9/16/15 Darmstadt #2 +1CD Carter's Sonata (+ Bartók's and Dutilleux's) by Claire-Marie Le Guay on Accord (2000) 9/15/15 Darmstadt #2 +2CDs Including a new rip of Maderna's Oboe Concertos by Holliger & Bertini (1993) 9/14/15 Darmstadt #2 +2 Bonus: Donatoni's Le ruisseau (Brunello); Maderna Grande Aulodia + Nono's A Carlo Scarpa 9/14/15 American Classics +2CDs Herrmann & Diamond Chamber M. + Donald Fagen's milestone album The Nightfly 9/14/15 Schumann +1CD: Fischer-Dieskau's reference recording of Dichterliebe, Myrten and Liederk. Op. 39 (1979) 9/14/15 American Classics +1CD: Ives's "Concord" Sonata by Aimard and Songs by Graham on Warner (2004) 9/14/15 Darmstadt #2 +1CD Maderna's 3 Oboe Concertos by Fabian Menzel and Michael Stern on Col Legno (1996) 9/13/15 Darmstadt #4 +1CD Carter's one act opera "What Next?" in Péter Eötvös's première recording for ECM 9/11/15 Debussy #1 +1CD Thierry Fischer's recording of Le martyre de Saint Sébastien (BBC MM, 2011) 9/11/15 Debussy #5 +2CDs Benedetti Michelangeli's historic recordings of the Préludes for DG (1978 & 1988) 9/11/15 Debussy #4 +1CD Charles Rosen's reference (and first ever) recording of the Etudes (1955) 9/11/15 Summer Nights #12 +1LP Grumiaux and Haitink for Bruch 1st Violin Concerto (a transfer by Enrico B) 8/4/15 Schubert on Modern Instruments: new links for Oktett in D, by Cherubini Quartett 8/4/15 Schubert on Modern Instruments: new links for Richard Goode 8/3/15 Rare Grooves#1 +6 LPs mostly Enrico B's outstanding transfers of great out-of-print material 8/2/15 Intense Bruckner +9CDs with classic recordings by Solti, Chailly, Abbado, Wand, Karajan, Harnoncourt 7/25/15 Buxtehude & Pachelbel Organ Works - New links 7/18/15 Darmstadt #3 +1CD Pollini's classic DGG recording of Boulez's 2nd Piano Sonata (1978) 7/17/15 American Classics +1CD (NEW RIP) Lieberson's Neruda Songs with Hunt Lieberson & Levine (BSO) 7/16/15 Tristan und Isolde +1CD box, Georg Solti's classic recording (1960) (a rip by Cecco) 7/16/15 Selig im Glauben (Parsifal) +1CD box, Georg Solti's classic recording (1972) (a rip by Cecco) 7/15/15 Strauss Operas #1 +1CD box, Leinsdorf recording with Caballé, Milnes and the LSO (1968) (a rip by Cecco) 7/14/15 Die Meistersinger +2CD box, Solti 1975 Vienna (a rip by Cecco) and Kempe 1957 Berlin (a rip by A. Zaccaria) 7/13/15 Tristan und Isolde +1CD box, Fritz Reiner's historical London recording (1936) (a rip by Andrea Zaccaria) 7/2/15 Second Viennese School Ess'ls #2 +2DT Berg's Violin Concerto by Carmignola/Inbal & Kavakos/Harding 7/2/15 Second Viennese School Ess'ls #2 +1CD Berg's Violin Concerto's & Kammerkonzert, I. Stern (Bernstein/Abbado) 6/30/15 Darmstadt #3 +1CD Boulez's Piano Sonatas and 12 Notations by Pi-Hsien Chen (2004) 6/30/15 Summer Nights #7 +1DT: J. du Pré with R. Goode and T. Schippers, Brahms & Mendelssohn (live in Spoleto) 6/30/15 Bartok #4 +1CD Violin Concertos by Midori & Mehta (1990) previously only on LP rip (courtesy of Cecco) 6/30/15 Bartok #5 +1CD Concerto for Orchestra & 4 Pieces by Leon Botstein and the London Philharmonic (2000) 6/29/15 Summer Nights #9 +2CDs (incomplete) Franck Symphonie with the Berlin Philh. (Mehta 1995 & Giulini 1986) 6/16/15 German Baroque New link: Fischer Musica Sacra 6/6/15 Bruckner +1CD Ozawa's 7th with the Saito Kinen Orchestra (2004) (Courtesy of Cecco) 5/27/15 Summer Nights #8 +2CD Mehta and the IPO, Brahms' 1st Symphony and Mozart Sinfonia Concertante K.364 5/27/15 Musique Française #2 +1CD Milhaud Piano Concertos + Carnaval d'Aix by C. Helffer and D. Robertson (1992) 5/27/15 Rachmaninov #2 +1CD 3rd Concerto by Jorge Luis Prats and Enrique Bátiz (1989) 5/27/15 Summer Nights #10 +1CD Howell's Music for String & Orchestra, by Richard Hickox (1992) 5/27/15 Wintery Romantics +1LP Tchaikovsky's 2nd Piano Concerto by Magaloff and C. Davis (a rip by Enrico B.) 5/22/15 Second Viennese School Ess'ls #9 +1CD Chamber Concerto by J-F. Heisser (a rip by Ranapipiens) 5/19/15 Hindemith +1CD Trumpet Sonata by Ole E. Antonsen & Wolfgang Sawallisch (EMI, 1996) 5/19/15 Prokofiev #1 +1CD "Romeo & Juliet" excerpts with Kurt Masur and the Gewandhaus Orchestra (1987) 5/19/15 Summer Nights #5 +1CD Wagner Opera Scenes with W. Meier and L. Maazel (1997) 5/19/15 Strauss #1 +1CD Horn Concertos with B. Tuckwell & V.Ashkenazy and the RPO on Decca (1990) 5/19/15 Wintery Romantics +1CD Tchaikovsky, Dukas, Enescu, Mussorgsky showpieces, E. Mata & the Dallas SO (1988) 5/14/15 Schumann +1CD Piano Concerto by R. Serkin/Ormandy 1965, and same from an outstanding LP rip by Enrico B. 5/14/15 Strauss #3 +1CD Zarathustra and Don Juan with Alan Gilbert and the NYP 5/14/15 Musique Française #1 +2CDs completing Eschenbach's Roussel Symphony cycle in Paris on Ondine 5/5/15 Strauss #2 +2CDs A Cappella Choral Works (Danish Radio Choir 1993) & Alpensinfonie by Michalakis (2000) 5/5/15 Contrappunti italiani +1CD Busoni's Piano Concerto with Peter Donohoe & Mark Elder (1988 on EMI) 5/5/15 Second Viennese School Ess'ls #1 +1CD Verklärte Nacht + Metamorphosen & Siegfried-Idyll by Levine (1991) 5/5/15 Debussy #5 +1CD Images I, II & Oubliées + Estampes & Berceuse Heroique by Fou Ts'Ong (1990) 5/5/15 Schumann +1CD String Quartets Op. 41 with the Eroica Quartet (2001) (a rip by Der Wanderer) 5/4/15 Webern +1LP Chamber Music with P.Serkin and the Tashi Ensemble (1983), + Takemitsu's Piano Works 5/4/15 Rare Grooves #2 +1LP: Vivaldi Concertos with Ayo and I Musici (1968) (a rip by Enrico B.) 5/4/15 Prokofiev +1LP Violin Concerto No. 2 (+ Sibelius'): Szeryng & Rozhdestvensky 1965 (a rip by Enrico B.) 5/4/15 Bruckner +1DVD: Sinopoli's 4th with the Philharmonia Orchestra in Tokyo 1988 (NHK Classical DVD) 4/29/15 Telemann +1CD Collegium Musicum '90 - Hickox - Donner Ode 4/17/15 Haydn - Complete Baryton Trios - Esterhazy Ensemble Added working link for dsic 16 and cover image for disc 13 4/17/15 Summer Nights #10 +3CDs Elgar Symphonies (C. Davis 2001), 3rd (P. Daniel) & Serenade (Orpheus CO) 4/16/15 Baroque Music in the Netherlands: New links (Koopman, Huggett, Hazelzet, Mathot, vdMeer) 4/16/15 Summer Nights #4 +1CD Mozart's Divertimenti and Serenata notturna with I Musici (a rip by Enrico B.) 4/16/15 Willem de Fesch: New links 4/15/15 Stravinsky #2: +1LP Symphony in C, Symphonies for Wind, 4 Etudes, Suites (Ansermet. A rip by Enrico B.) 4/15/15 Schubert New links Paul Badura-Skoda, playing Sonata D960 & Klavierstücke 4/15/15 Summer Nights #10 +2CDs Walton's Belshazzar's Feast (Terfel & Litton) and the Symphonies (Ashkenazy) 4/15/15 Summer Nights #10 +1CD Holst's The Planets (Y. P. Tortelier in Manchester) 4/13/15 Sibelius +1CD The NZSO & Inkinen: Scènes historiques and King Christian Suite 4/11/15 Entartete Lieder +1CD Dagmar Krause - Supply & Demand 4/11/15 Schubert: +1CD Quintet in C, by the Arcanto Quartett 4/9/15 Liszt +1CD Symphonic Poems (including Les Préludes) with Zubin Mehta and the Berlin Philh. (1994) 4/9/15 American Classics: 1CD Gershwin Porgy & Bess highlights, American in Paris, Cuban Ov. by Mehta & the NYP 4/9/15 Summer Nights #2: +1CD: Rezniček and Korngold's 1st String Quartets by the F. Schubert Quartett of Vienna 4/9/15 Schubert Essentials #1: +2CDs Works for Piano Duet by Anne Queffélec & Imogen Cooper (Erato, 1978) 4/9/15 Debussy #4: +4CDs The Complete Piano Music by Paul Crossley with one of the finest accounts of the Etudes 4/8/15 Musique Française #1: +1LP Frank Martin's Der Cornet (Rilke), Lipovšek & Zagrosek (1984) 4/8/15 Rare Grooves +1LP Grofé's Grand Canyon and Alfvén's Swedish Rhapsody by Ormandy in Philly (CBS, 1958) 4/8/15 Rare Grooves #2 +1LP Vivaldi, Capuzzi & Paisiello: Concertos with I Musici (Philips 1964. A rip by Enrico B.) 4/7/15 Rare Grooves #2 +1LP: Goldmark's Rustic Wedding Symphony by Jesús López-Cobos (1981) 4/7/15 Rare Grooves #2 +2 LPs: Mendelssohn 3rd (A. Davis), Schoenberg's Verklärte Nacht & Suite in G (Scimone) 4/7/15 Summer Nights #3: +1CD Mendelssohn's 3rd ("Scottish") Symphony + Beethoven's 1st by Osmo Vänskä 4/7/15 Summer Nights #4: +1CD Mozart's 'Jeunhomme' Piano Concerto with McCawley and Leaper (1996) 4/7/15 Wintery Romantics: +1CD Silvestrov's 5th Symphony and Postludium with Lubimov and Roberston (Sony, 1995) 4/7/15 Summer Nights #1: +1CD Glière's 'Ilya Muromets' Symphony by Edward Downes in Manchester (1991) 4/7/15 Summer Nights #1: +1CD Borodin's 3 Symphonies by José Serebrier in Rome (1989) 4/7/15 Second Viennese School Essentials #7: +2CDs Schoenberg's Moses und Aron by Sylvain Cambreling (2012) 4/7/15 Wintery Romantics: +1CD Tchaikovsky Suites (Nutcracker & Swan Lake), Mehta & the Israel Philh. (Decca, 1979) 4/7/15 Summer Nights #7: +1CD Brahms Hungarian Dances, 5 Studies and 2 Rhapsodies by Louis D. Alvanis (1994) 4/7/15 Ein Bach...: +1LP: Daniel Varsano's recording of the Goldberg Variations (CBS, 1980) 4/7/15 Debussy #2 +1LP: Mélodies (including Baudelaire & Mallarmé sets) by Hugues Cuenod (1979) 4/7/15 Musique Française #2 +2CDs Wagschal for Fauré's Nocturnes (2009) + Satie by Ciccolini (and Tacchino) (1986) 4/7/15 Easter Passion Music: New links 3/22/15 German Baroque chamber Music New links in the comments 3/21/15 London Baroque - Trio Sonatas: new links in the comments 3/21/15 Vivaldi - Musica ad Rhenum : new link in the comments 3/19/15 Shostakovich #1 +1CD Bernstein's 5th (NYP, Tokyo 1979) & Cello Concerto with Ma & Ormandy in Philly 1982 3/19/15 Mahler 1 +1CD Solti's recording with the LSO (Decca, 1964), a new rip by Sgorby 3/19/15 Darmstadt #3: +1CD rip by Sgorby of already posted Ligeti by Cerha (Wergo) 1971 (previously on LP rip) 3/16/15 Debussy #4 The Complete Solo Piano Music by Aldo Ciccolini on EMI (1991) (a rip by Sgorby) 3/16/15 Strauss #3 +2CDs 4 last Songs Schwarzkopf & Szell (1966) and Harper & Del Mar (1981) 3/15/15 Strauss #3 +1CD Ein Heldenleben by Haitink and the CSO (2009) 3/15/15 Stravinsky #2 +1CD The Firebird (complete) & Chant du rossignol by Kitajenko and the Danish Radio SO 1991 3/14/15 Summer Nights #1 +1CD Respighi's Belfagor, Belkis and Church Windows (Ashkenazy, Netherlands Radio Philh.)  3/14/15 Shostakovich #1 +1CD Hypothetically Murdered Suite + Pushkin Romances (Kharitonov & Elder) 1992 3/14/15 Shostakovich #2 +1CD 1st Violin Concerto (+ Glazunov Violin with Perlman & Mehta on EMI 1988 3/12/15 Prokofiev #1 +1CD Li & Ozawa's for the 2nd Piano Concerto (+ Ravel's G Major Concerto) (DGG, 2007) 3/12/15 Mahler 8 +2CDs Leif Segerstam's recording in Copenhagen for Chandos (1994) + 10th Adagio 3/12/15 Summer Nights #8 +1CD Andrew Davis recording of Brahms's 4th + the Zigeunerlieder (BBC 1996) 3/12/15 Musique Française #1 +3CDs: Boulanger's Faust et Hélène; Franck by Firkušný & Flor; Debussy & Takemitsu 3/12/15 Debussy #4 +1CD Livia Rev's recording of the Etudes (+ Suite Bergamasque, D'un cahier, Berceuse) (Saga 1980) 3/5/15 Mahler 5 +2CDs Frank Shipway and the RPO (1996) (Symphony + No. 1 by Yuri Simonov) 3/5/15 Spanish School #3 +2CDs Ginastera by Santiago Rodriguez (1984) & Mompou by Ester Pineda (1992) 3/4/15 Bartok #4 +1LP 2nd Piano Concerto and 4 Pieces for Orchestra, Weissenberg and Ormandy (1970) 3/3/15 Musique Française #2 +1CD Debussy for Piano Duet & 2 Pianos by Pascal & Ami Rogé (2011) 3/3/15 Gershwin +1CD Rhapsody in Blue (Daniel Adni in Bournemouth), Addinsell's Warsaw & Rózsa's Spellbound 3/3/15 Wintery Romantics +1CD Nielsen's 2nd Symphony (A. Davis) and Sibelius's 5th (Bamert) with the BBC SO 3/3/15 Prokofiev #1 +1CD Salonen and the Berlin Philharmonic: Romeo & Juliet (Excerpts) (CBS 1986) 3/1/15 Spanish School #3 +2CDs Albeniz & Granados selection by J.M. Pinzolas + "My Piazzolla" by Cecilia Pillado 3/1/15 Debussy #1 +1CD Jeux (Eötvös), Prélude (Robertson), Satie's Parade (Porcelijn), Roussel's BeA's 2nd Suite (Weller) 2/28/15 Debussy #4 +3CDs: Anne Queffélec's 12 Etudes, Ravel's Concertos & Miroirs, Fauré's Violin Sonatas (with P. Amoyal) 2/28/15 American Classics +2CDs: Copland The Populist by Tilson Thomas & MacDowell Symphonic Poems by Krueger 2/28/15 Debussy #2 +1CD Claudette Leblanc's album of Mélodies (with Valerie Tryon) (1989) 2/28/15 Summer Nights #5 +1CD Mackerras' recording of Berlioz Symphonie fantastique (with the RPO, 1994) 2/28/15 Summer Nights #4 +1CD Mackerras' recording of Beethoven 9th for EMI (Liverpool 1991) 2/27/15 Des Horizons #2 +1LP Debussy's Chansons de Bilitis & Satie's Socrate cond. by Friedrich Cerha (1969) 2/27/15 Des Horizons #2 +1CD Debussy and Ravel Music for 2 Pianos, by Pascal & Ami Rogé 2/27/15 Debussy #4 (Etudes) +1DDL: Nelson Goerner's recording of Etudes Livre II, plus Images Livre I & Estampes 2/27/15 Des Horizons #1 +1LP, Munch's last recordings in Paris, Ravel Concerto in G (w. Henriot-Schweitzer) & Honegger 2/26/15 Wintery Romantics +1LP: Maazel early recording of Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony in Vienna for Decca (1965) 2/26/15 Des Horizons #1 +1CD Canteloube's complete Chants d'Auvergne by von Stade and De Almeida (CBS 1985) 2/26/15 Strauss Operas #2 +1CD set: Die Frau ohne Schatten, the complete Sawallisch recording for EMI (1987) 2/22/15 Des horizons de la musique française #2 +1CD Chabrier's Piano Music by Hewitt (2004) (a rip by Alan) 2/22/15 Rachmaninov #1 +1CD 2nd Symphony by Farberman & the RPO (1978) (a rip by Sgorby) 2/22/15 Summer Nights #9 +1CD Respighi Antiche Danze e Arie per Liuto by Ozawa (DGG 1979) (a rip by Sgorby) 2/22/15 Wintery Romantics +1CD Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker by Gergiev (Philips 1998) (a rip by Alan) 2/21/15 Wintery Romantics +6CDs Tchaikovsky Complete Symphonies: Temirkanov and the RPO (BMG) (a rip by Sgorby) 2/21/15 Wintery Romantics +2CDs Tchaikovsky Swan Lake (Complete) with Sawallisch (EMI 1994) 2/13/15 The World of Debussy #5 +1LP Rip, Teddy Teirup plays "La boîte a joujoux" (+ Ravel's Sonatine) 2/10/15 Bohemian Composers of the 17th Century New links added 2/7/15 Music from the Renaissance #2 New links added 2/3/15 Shostakovich #2 +1CD Cello Concerto No. 1 by Amit Peled 2/3/15 Summer Nights #5 +1CD Cello works by H. Eccles, Couperin, Fauré & Ligeti (Amit Peled with Eliza Ching) 2/3/15 Summer Nights #10 +1CD Elgar's Cello Concerto by Amit Peled 2/02/15 Keyboard Music on Harpsichord New links completed 1/30/15 Brahms's Concertos +1CD Violin Concerto & Sonata No. 2 by Vengerov & Barenboim (1998) 1/30/15 Second Viennese School Essentials #4 +1CD Karl Weigl's String Quartets Nos. 1 & 5 by the Artis Quartett Wien 1/30/15 Schoenberg: Piano Music +1CD Pi-Hsien Chen's reference recording of the complete set (1996) 1/30/15 Des Horizons #1 +1CD d'Indy's Symphonie sur un chant montagnard with Marek Janowski 1/30/15 American Classics +2CDs Thomas Hampson's Songs by Ives, Griffes, MacDowell & Glass Syms 2 & 3 by M. Alsop 1/30/15 Brahms Piano & Chamber Music Gems +1CD Andrea Bonatta's recording of 8 Klavierstücke, Paganini, Rhapsodies 1/29/15 Keyboard Music on harpsichord Added new links 1/28/15 HIF Biber and comtemporaries Added new links 1/12/15 Wintery Romantics +9CDs & 1DDL: Tchaikovsky's Ballets and Symphonies - Courtesy of Sasha 1/7/15 De l'Hoyer- Music for Two Guitars + Added new links 1/1/15 Just: Piano Trios Op. 2 & Op. 13 +1CD: Just Op. 2; Added new links for Op 13 2014 12/19/14 Mozart in Mannheim: Sacred Music by Holzbauer & Mozart Added new links  12/19/14 Schubert - Works for Fortepiano - Jan Vermeulen Added new links (BZ's Rip) 12/5/14 Summer Nights #9 +1CD Scriabin Symphony No. 3 & Poème de l'extase (Sinopoli, NYP 1989)  12/5/14 Summer Nights #9 +5CDs: Mendelssohn Piano Concertos (and 2 Pianos + Bruch), Symphonies 3 & 4, Quartet No. 5 12/2/14 L'Armonica- Music for Glass Harmonica  Added new links 11/26/14 Summer Nights #5 +1CD: Tilson Thomas (and Fleming) for Villa-Lobos (RCA, 1996) 11/26/14 Italian Flute Concertos  Added new download links. 11/26/14 Summer Nights #6 +4CDs: Muti for Pergolesi's Stabat Mater and Rota's Film Music; Herreweghe for Rameau's Les Indes galantes and Rossini's Stabat Mater in Giulini's 1982 recording on DGG 11/26/14 Summer Nights #3 +1CD Paganini's 1st Violin Concerto by Chang and Sawallisch in Philadelphia (1994) 11/26/14 Summer Nights #4 +3CDs Beethoven's Late String Quartets by the Takács Quartet (2003) 11/22/14 Christopher Hogwood & The Academy of Ancient Music - Mozart Concertos (Clarinet, Oboe, Flute & Harp, Bassoon)  New rip and download links 11/21/14 American Classics +7CDs: Nagano's Bernstein Mass, Barber and Ives Songs sets (Studer/Hampson; DeGaetani) 11/21/14 American Classics +5CDs for the great Jazz avant-garde of the late 50s: Tatum, Davis, Evans, Monk, Brubeck  11/21/14 American Classics +6 LPs Bernstein & Copland originals + Bolcom's 3 Ghost Rags' signature rec. by Paul Jacobs 11/20/14 Prokofiev #2: +1LP Cello Sonata (+ Strauss' Cello Sonata) with Frédéric Lodéon and Daria Hovora 1975 on RCA 11/20/14 Prokofiev #2: +1LP Cinderella Suite, Leonard Slatkin/Saint Louis Symphony 1985 on RCA 11/20/14 Prokofiev #2: +1LP Romeo & Juliet Suites, Riccardo Muti/Philadelphia 1981 on EMI 11/18/14 Strauss Great Operas #2: +2CDs Daphne (Fleming, Botha, Larsson, Schade, K. Youn, WDR, Bychkov on Decca) 11/18/14 Strauss Great Operas #1: +2CDs Elektra (Polaski, Schwanewilms, Palmer, Grundheber, WDR, Bychkov on Profil) 11/11/14 Bach: St John's Passion (arr. Robert Schumann)  Added new download links. 11/11/14 Druschetzky: Quartetto, Serenata, Quintetto  Added new download link. 11/11/14 Music by: Bruni, Cambini, Ferrer & Terzetti  Added new download links. 11/05/14 18th Century Women Composers: Music for the Solo Harpsichord, Vol. 1  Added new download link. 11/05/14 18th Century Women Composers: Music for the Solo Harpsichord, Vol. 2  Added new download link. 10/29/14 American Classics +1HQDDL Adams' The Dharma at Big Sur (Josefowicz/Adams) + Kraft's Timpani Concerto 10/27/14 Prokofiev #2 +2CDs 'October Cantata' (Elder '96) and 2nd Violin Sonata + Webern + Respighi (Mutter/Orkis '00)  10/18/14 Carl Friedrich Abel: Ouvertures & Sinfonias Added new links 10/15/14 Gershwin +1CD Weissenberg and Ozawa: Rhapsody in Blue, 'I Got Rhythm' Variations (1983) 10/15/14 Summer Nights #10 +1CD Elgar's 1st Symphony + P&C Marches 1,3,4 by Andrew Davis and BBC SO 10/15/14 Summer Nights #1 +1CD Khachaturian's Piano Concerto & Prokofiev's 3rd: Dickran Atamian & Gerard Schwarz 10/15/14 Summer Nights #6 +1CD Honegger's 2nd Symphony + Strauss' Metamorphosen by Gerard Schwarz 10/15/14 Summer Nights #4 +1CD Beethoven's 9th Symphony by Enrique Bátiz 10/14/14 Summer Nights #9 +1CD Mendelssohn's 2nd Symphony ('Lobgesang') by Andrew Litton (Thanks to Nzguy) 10/10/14 After Baroque: Music for the Natural Trumpet Added new links 9/29/14 Summer Nights #9 +1CD Brahms's 4 Serious Songs: Kurt Moll & Cord Garben 9/27/14 Summer Nights #9 +3CDs Brahms Requiem (G. Albrecht), Grieg/Sibelius Quartets (Emerson) & Sibelius Syms 3&7 9/27/14 Summer Nights #10 +3CDs Elgar Violin Concerto (Hahn/C. Davis), Delius Partsongs, Terfel's "The Vagabond" 9/22/14 Weber: Operatic Works on Period Instruments Added link for Weber's Oberon & Abu Hassan 9/16/14 Gallay & Reicha: Trios & Quartet for Horn Added link for new rear inlay with side panels. 9/11/14 Jommelli: Armida abbandonata (1770) Added new links 9/11/14 Summer Nights #5 +1CD Handel Suites for Keyboard: Keith Jarrett (Piano) 9/11/14 Rachmaninov #2 +1CD Concertos Nos. 1 & 2: Zimerman & Ozawa with the BSO 9/10/14 Poulenc Tribute +1CD Les Animaux modèles & Sinfonietta, Darlington and the Luxembourg Philh. 9/10/14 Summer Nights #8 +11 original CDs of Brahms Symphonies by C. Davis, Sawallisch, Giulini, Dohnanyi and Chailly 9/2/14 Mozart: The Nannerl's Notebook Added new links 9/2/14 Summer Nights #5 Berlioz Nuits d'Eté, Norman & C. Davis (1979) 9/1/14 Lessel: Fortepiano Concertos Added new links + Bonus Disc 9/1/14 La Chasse: Mozart, Vogler, Haydn, Endler Added new links 9/1/14 Alla Turca: Music by Mozart, Gluck & M. Haydn Added new links 8/11/14 String Quartets by Vanhal, Wranitzky & Jadin Added new links (Old links were missing tracks, cue, logs etc) 7/23/14 Handel: Tolomeo Added new links 7/20/14 Mozart: Piano Quartets Added new links 7/19/14 Wagner: Der fliegende Holländer (Paris version, 1841) Added new links 7/14/14 Webern Lieder with Piano (compl.): Barainsky, Doufexis, Hesse and Geçer (1994) 7/12/14 Mozart: Piano Concertos Hogwood/ Levin/ AAM New link for Concertos 1-4 7/4/14 Orfeo Ed Euridice: Kuijken-Bernius-Minkowski-Gardiner-Haenchen New link for Haenchen by Saoshya 7/3/14 Debussy #1 +1CD Le Martyre de Saint Sébastien by Daniele Gatti with Isabelle Huppert as récitant 7/2/14 Gluck Megapost (Happy 300th Birthday!) New links for Echo et Narcisse added courtesy of Saoshya 7/2/14 Beethoven: Quintet Arrangements (Symphonies-Overtures-Chamber Music) Added a new EAC rip of the Beethoven Symphony No.3 to replace the digital download. Includes full scans of booklet. Very rare! 7/1/14 Boccherini: Quintets opus 56 and opus 57 New links added courtesy of Saoshya 7/1/14 Strauss #3 +1CD Ein Heldenleben by Günther Herbig (1985) and Tod und Verklärung by John Pritchard (1980) 7/1/14 Des horizons #2 +1CD Ravel's Violin Sonatas, Pasquier and Engerer on Harmonia Mundi (1990) 7/1/14 Bartok #1 +1CD Mark Elder's Bluebeard's Castle with G. Howell and S. Burgess (1992) 6/29/14 Beethoven: Quintet Arrangeme

ArtsJournal: music

June 21

Vice President, Artistic Programming and Executive Producer, Caramoor

ABOUT CARAMOOR Our mission is to enrich the lives of audiences through innovative and diverse musical performances of the highest quality, mentor young professional musicians, and engage children through interactive, educational experiences that deepen their relationship to and understanding of music. These three prongs – music performance, musician mentoring, and music education – infuse everything we do. Located on a 90-acre campus in Katonah, New York, Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit arts center that has been in continuous operation since 1946. It presents approximately 70 live music performances throughout the year in a wide range of genres, culminating in a major summer festival starting in June through early August. Performances take place on four stages (indoors and outdoors) and throughout the gardens. Caramoor also trains the next generation of classical musicians and provides music-based arts education to local schoolchildren. Through its public programs and community events, Caramoor annually serves 50,000 people. Caramoor was the inspiring summer home of arts patrons Lucie and Walter Rosen who opened their estate in 1946 to welcome artists and audiences to be inspired by music in the context of their beautiful gardens, historic buildings, and art. They engaged Julius Rudel to mount operas, including a Benjamin Britten premiere. Subsequently, Caramoor has featured the leading artists of the 20th and 21st Century including Andre Previn, Beverly Sills, Alicia de Larrocha , Yo-Yo Ma, Kristian Zimerman, Itzhak Perlman, Roger Norrington, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Sonny Rollins, Joshua Bell, Chick Corea, Emmy Lou Harris, Audra McDonald, Emanuel Ax, Wynton Marsalis, and Alisa Weilerstein. POSITION OVERVIEW: VICE PRESIDENT, ARTISTIC PROGRAMMING AND EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Overview The VAPP is responsible for helping to develop, refine, and implement Caramoor’s artistic mission into a unified vision: performances, mentoring programs, education programs, lectures, and special programming projects. The VPP ensures that all programming meets Caramoor’s values of artistry, discovery, collaboration, friendliness, and integrity, as well as leverages the unique setting Caramoor offers. Reporting Relationships The VAPP reports directly to the CEO and is a key member of Caramoor’s Senior Staff team. The VAPP manages all key artistic relationships including the current directors for Opera, Roots, Rising Stars, Family programs; the VPP also manages existing collaborations with Jazz at Lincoln Center, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, and the Katonah Museum of Arts. In addition, the VPP manages the Education Coordinator and Rosen House Manager and works with them to develop and implement programs that support Caramoor’s mission. Supporting the VPP are two full-time staff members (Manager of Artistic Planning & Opera Administrator and Artistic Coordinator), as well as a contract Executive Producer for the Jazz collaboration, along with Caramoor’s Technical Director and his team. Primary Responsibilities Programming Responsible for working with the CEO and artistic team in leading the development of all of Caramoor’s 70+ programs each year – Symphonic: work directly with the leadership of the Orchestra of St. Luke’s and other ensembles in planning the orchestra series – Opera: work directly with the Opera Director to plan future titles and establish the scope of the program – Chamber: program the chamber music series throughout the year – Rising Stars: work with the Artistic Directors to program these various chamber music performances as well as to take the lead in selecting the Ernst Steifel Quartet-In-Residence each year – Jazz: work with the programming team at Jazz at Lincoln Center to develop each year’s festival and jazz series – American Roots: work with the Artistic Director to develop each year’s festival and Roots series – American Songbook: Program an appropriate artist each year and work with our cabaret advisor in programming the annual Cabaret Night – Family Programs: Work with our Artistic Director to select and develop appropriate programs to engage young children Ensure all programs are consistent with Caramoor’s values of artistry, discovery, collaboration, friendliness, and integrity Oversee Caramoor’s Education Coordinator and the Education Program to ensure quality, innovation, and integration with other elements of Caramoor and its mission Oversee Caramoor’s Rosen House Manager and the Rosen House public programs to ensure quality, innovation, and integration with other elements of Caramoor and its mission Assist other departments in their programming needs for private events Innovate additional programming ideas by staying in touch with other area arts institutions and their programs. Artist Relationship Management Manage and develop long-term relationships with our Artistic Directors, collaborators, alumni artists, and key artists Work with Caramoor’s staff to ensure that all visiting artists are well cared for during their experience Collaborate with Marketing and Development to facilitate communications with artists in order to engage our audiences and donors Foster good relationships with other related organizations and opinion leaders Maintain relationships with artists and attend area concerts Producing the Experience Experiences at Caramoor center on music, but are closely intertwined with all other facets of Caramoor including the gardens, food, social activities, lectures, the Rosen House. The goals is to ensure the integrity of the music experience but also seek opportunities to integrate the music experience into other non-performance elements of Caramoor Manage Caramoor’s Technical Director to ensure that each performance is properly produced in an effective and efficient manner and work with other departments to ensure non-artistic elements are appropriately integrated Oversee the recording of any of Caramoor’s performances when applicable and work closely with marketing on its production and distribution Communication Ensure that all program information is communicated effectively and timely to Caramoor staff, artists, and trustees Work closely with the artists and staff to ensure that all messaging appropriately expresses Caramoor’s artistic vision Serve as an external spokesperson about Caramoor’s programming to audiences, press, staff/volunteers, and with donors as needed Administration Work closely with the CEO, CFO, and artistic team on the programing budgets to ensure accurate and appropriate expenditures Maintain program development plans for three years out Attend and participate in volunteer leadership meetings as needed, including Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, and Advisory Council Oversee the management of Caramoor’s artistic archives CANDIDATE QUALIFICATIONS: Professional Deep musical background acquired through study or performance Master curator with eclectic taste in music combined with experience curating programs in a wide range of musical genres including chamber music, opera, symphonic, jazz, American folk and the American Songbook Knowledge of, or relationships with, musical artists, their repertoire and accomplishments Proven experience negotiating with artists’ agents Strategic, curious thinker who is inquisitive about new trends and anxious to keep up with the NY performing arts scene Understanding of production requirements and technical necessities Demonstrated effectiveness in budgeting Personal Poised, articulate and persuasive public speaker Ability to lead and inspire a talented in-house staff and outside collaborators Creative and collaborative nature with demonstrated history of inclusion of ideas from colleagues, subordinates and supporters and the ability to synthesize components into interesting projects and programs Self-starter who handles responsibilities and competing demands with tact, compassion and creativity Collaborator and excellent listener Exemplary communications skills Proven ability to work in a highly collaborative environment, be detail oriented and meet deadlines in a timely manner. For additional programming information please view the website at Compensation: Competitive with excellent benefits package. For consideration: Applicants and sources should call or send credentials immediately to: Our client is an equal opportunity employer.

The Boston Musical Intelligencer

April 15

Playing Against Type

Gravity defying dancer Haley Day channels baritone David Kravitz’s animated delivery ( Josh Kastrof photo) Imagine a Vitaphone all-singing, all-dancing program of satirical sermons given in a neo-Gothic church to 500 enthusiasts on a happening Saturday night. A staged contest between pagan gods, scored by one of Western music’s most devout Lutherans precedes a 1930s screed against capitalist values that takes an early Christian concept of sin as its chief metaphor. Is this a fever dream or a stroke of theatrical genius? Perhaps a little of both. The word “eclectic” doesn’t seem broad enough to encompass Emmanuel Music’s programming choices in its latest outing, “Bach Reinvented: Weill and Bach,” given on April 9th in at Emmanuel Church in Boston. The double-bill of J.S. Bach’s The Contest Between Phoebus and Pan, BWV 201 and Kurt Weill’s “ballet-chanté” The Seven Deadly Sins revealed a less-known sides of both composer’s personalities—“Papa” Bach as the arch, self-aware humorist engaged in cultural politics, with Weill as the would-be moralist. The addition of Urbanity Dance company, choreographed by company Director Betsi Graves, added a dimension of visual interest, resulting in a sometimes-thrilling, sometimes baffling evening of bold gestures and thought-provoking juxtapositions and sex reversals. Baritone David Kravitz stood-out comically as Pan, giving a cartoonishly gleeful rendering of the mischievous god’s ode to dancing and jumping, before stalwart Frank Kelly brightly and hilariously advocated much of a case for Pan’s beast pleasing strains. Baritone Dana Whiteside’s somewhat covered Phoebus might not have won the contest had I been the judge, though his character more pleased the gallery gods. The chorus and orchestra opened with great delight in the Magnificat-like “Retreat ye Whirling Winds.” If the overall effect was nothing like Zimerman’s coffee house where the work premiered in 1729, Emmanuel Music’s warm and modern approach to Bach as ever, placed its audience in a comfortable embrace which might have been equally gemütlich. In Seven Deadly Sins, mezzo-soprano Lynn Torgove made a striking figure as Anna I, clad, like her dancer counterpart and alter ego Anna II (Meghan Anderson), in a fire-engine red dress with a plunging neckline. Her dark vocals and animated facial expressions suggested a kinship with Brecht’s righteously indignant worldview, although we might have gotten more from her performance had she been able to project with brighter tone. Perhaps in an attempt to convey the portentous resonance of Weill’s music, she seemed to swallow her diction with the result that the sound got caught in the throat, making it all-but-impossible to understand anything her character was saying—whether in German or English. She was not alone in her unintelligibility, however—a combination of the orchestra’s place in the resonant nave of the cavernous Emmanuel Church and the sheer size of the ensemble seemed to win the battle against all the vocalists’ enunciations. It was only when the barbershop quartet (sung in watertight harmony by tenor Matthew Anderson, Kelley, Kravitz and Whiteside) moved to the balcony nearest my seat in the pews that I was able to consistently understand the text. This was a particular shame owing to the lack of supertitles. (In a recent interview with BMInt, Graves and Turner remarked that didn’t provide supertitles because the recitatives and spoken text would be in English, and the movement would explain the story. While this may have been true of the Bach, it was less applicable to Weill. It is difficult to choreograph the subtleties of irony, and the loss of Brecht’s text was deeply felt.) Urbanity Dancers on two of their several stages. (Dayla Arabella Santurri photo) The orchestra, conducted with finesse by Emmanuel Music Artistic Director Ryan Turner responded to the wildly divergent demands of Bach and Weill with ease. While their graceful, restrained interpretation did not lack variety and color, it was in the Weill that they seemed to enjoy themselves the most, though I would debate whether they developed the grittiness that more idiomatic readings convey. Only in the ghoulishly lighted male quartet with guitar accompaniment did the feeling of cabaret come across. Listen to Pabst’s 1931 movie version of the Three Penny Opera for an appreciation of a more decadent approach. Despite the logistical challenges inherent to creating an immersive, 360-degree theatrical experience in a space filled with raised platforms and perpendicular pews, Emmanuel Church provided an evocative, at times thrillingly transgressive space in which to stage these none-too-holy works. Chris Fournier’s lighting showcased and heightened the drama inherent to the church’s high-ecclesiastic structure. Though economical, it featured a few witty touches, such as shining a blue spotlight on the bas-relief of the Last Supper during the “Gluttony” movement in Seven Deadly Sins. Red lights shining on the church’s chandelier’s cast eerie shadows across the church’s stone walls suggesting the fire and brimstone surrounding such sanctified spaces. Kate Stringer (MM in musicology from BU) is Research and Public Information Administrator at the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center at Boston University. In addition to her scholarly activities, she is a veteran actress, writer and director as well as a versatile mezzo-soprano. The post Playing Against Type appeared first on The Boston Musical Intelligencer .

Meeting in Music

March 13

The Odd Couple #2

It is known that Chopin's musical thoughts, during his last weeks of life, were pervaded by Mozart, and that the Requiem was performed at Chopin's funeral at La Madeleine in October 1849. Personally, I've often found a special affinity, sometimes even formal, between the great Austrian master and the Polish - a natural revolutionary spirit, a wistfully tinged harmonic tension encased in elegant, soothing tempo structures. Another great Sunday morning with The Odd Couple. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Clarinet Concerto K. 622 in A Clarinet Quintet K. 581 in A Benny Goodman, Clarinet Budapest String Quartet Boston Symphony Orchestra Charles Munch RCA RD85275 (1956) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Clarinet Concerto K. 622 in A Sinfonia Concertante K. 297b in E-Flat Major Sabine Meyer, Clarinet; Diethelm Jonas, Oboe Sergio Azzolini, Bassoon; Bruno Schneider, Horn Staatskapelle Dresden Hans Vonk EMI 66949 (1990) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto K. 299 in C Flute Concerto No. 1 K. 313 in G Flute Concerto No. 2 K. 314 in D Emmanuel Pahud, Flute Marie-Pierre Langlamet, Harp Berliner Philharmoniker Claudio Abbado EMI 5 57114-2 (1996) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concerto No. 13 K. 415 in C Piano Concerto No. 15 K. 450 in B-Flat Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Piano NDR-Sinfonieorchester Hamburg Cord Garben DGG 429 353-2 (1990)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concerto No. 17 K. 453 in G Major Piano Concerto No. 20 K. 466 in D Minor Robert Levin, Piano The Academy of Ancient Music Christopher Hogwood L'Oiseau-Lyre455 607-2 (1996)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concerto No. 14 K. 449 in E-Flat Major Piano Concerto No. 26 K. 537 in D Major 'Coronation' Maria João Pires, Piano Wiener Philharmoniker Claudio Abbado DGG 437 529-2 (1992)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concerto No. 17 K. 453 in G Major Piano Concerto No. 21 K. 467 in C Major Maria João Pires, Piano Chamber Orchestra of Europe Claudio Abbado DGG 439 941-2 (1995)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concerto No. 20 K. 466 in D Minor Piano Concerto No. 21 K. 467 in C Major András Schiff, Piano Camerata Academica Salzburg Sándor Végh Decca 430 510-2 (1989)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21 K. 467 in C Major Piano Concerto No. 27 K. 595 in B-Flat Major Chamber Orchestra of EuropeMurray Perahia Sony SK 46 485 (1990)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart The Piano Sonatas Mitsuko Uchida, PianoPhilips 468 356-2 (1983/1987)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Serenata K. 361 in B-Flat 'Gran Partita' Academy of St. Martin-in-the-FieldsNeville Marriner Philips 412 726-2 (1984)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Serenata K. 361 in B-Flat 'Gran Partita' Bläser der Berliner PhilharmonikerDGG 437 771-2 (1980)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Sonata No. 13 K. 333 in B-Flat Major Piano Sonata No. 4 K. 282 in E-Flat Major Piano Sonata No. 16 K. 545 in C Major Piano Sonata No. 9 K. 310 in A Minor Huguette Dreyfus, FortepianoDenon CO-77616 (1990)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Violin Sonata K. 454 in B-Flat Major Violin Sonata K. 526 in A Major Violin Sonata K. 547 in F Major Sergiu Luca, ViolinMalcolm Bilson, FortepianoNonesuch 79112-2 (1984)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Violin Concerto No. 5 K. 219 in A Major Symphony No. 41 K. 551 in C Major 'Jupiter' Anne-Sophie Mutter, ViolinBerliner PhilharmonikerHerbert von KarajanDGG 429 314-2 (1976)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Violin Concerto No. 5 K. 219 in A Major Flute and Harp Concerto K. 299 in C Jennifer Pike, ViolinEmily Beynon, Flute; Catherine Beynon, HarpBBC National Orchestra of WalesGarry WalkerThierry Fischer (K. 299)BBC MM354 (2011)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Violin Concerto No. 3 K. 216 in G Major Violin Concerto No. 4 K. 218 in D Major Violin Concerto No. 5 K. 219 in A Major Camerata Academica SalzburgAugustin DumayDGG 457 645-2 (1996)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart The Violin Concertos Frank Peter Zimmermann, ViolinWürttembergisches Kammerorchester HeilbronnJörg Faerber EMI 7 63823 2 (1987)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 36 K. 425 in C Major 'Linz' Symphony No. 40 K. 550 in G Minor Staatskapelle DresdenColin DavisPhilips 422 398-2 (1988)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 30 K. 202 in D Major Symphony No. 31 K. 297 in D Major 'Paris' Symphony No. 32 K. 318 in G Major Symphony No. 33 K. 319 in B-Flat Staatskapelle DresdenColin DavisPhilips 432 977-2 (1991)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 35 K. 385 in D Major 'Haffner' Symphony No. 38 K. 504 in D Major 'Prague' Staatskapelle DresdenColin DavisPhilips 416 155-2 (1988)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 29 K. 201 in A Major Symphony No. 33 K. 319 in B-Flat Symphony No. 34 K. 338 in C Major Wiener PhilharmonikerRiccardo MutiPhilips 462 906-2 (1998)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 31 K. 297 in D Major 'Paris' Symphony No. 41 K. 551 in C Major 'Jupiter' Wiener PhilharmonikerRiccardo MutiPhilips 442 126-2 (1993)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 'Coronation' Mass K. 317 in C Major Vesperae solennes de confessore K. 339 Joan Rodgers, Soprano; 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Nos. 2 in E-Flat & 3 in B Anna Kravtchenko, PianoDecca 476 3120 (2005) Frédéric Chopin Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 35 in B-Flat Minor Scherzos Simon Trpčeski, Piano EMI 3 75586 2 (2006) Frédéric Chopin Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 35 in B-Flat Minor Selected Nocturnes, Mazurkas, Waltzes Ballade No. 3 Op. 47 in A-Flat Major Sergej Rachmaninov, Piano RCA 09026 62533 2 (1919/1935) Frédéric Chopin Piano Sonata No. 3 Op. 58 in B Minor 12 Mazurkas Evgeny Kissin, Piano RCA 09026 62542 2 (1993) Frédéric Chopin Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 35 in B-Flat Minor Piano Sonata No. 3 Op. 58 in B Minor Mitsuko Uchida, Piano Philips 420 949-2 (1988) Frédéric Chopin 14 Waltzes 7 Mazurkas Jean-Marc Luisada, Piano RCA 88875028062 (2013) Frédéric Chopin Ballades Scherzos 14 Waltzes 4 Impromptus Samson François, Piano EMI 7 62569 2 (1963) Frédéric Chopin Cello Sonata Op. 65 in G Minor Sergej Rachmaninov Cello Sonata Op. 19 in G Minor and Cello Sonatas by Gabriel Fauré and Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Paul Tortelier, Cello Aldo Ciccolini, Eric Heidsieck, Maria de la Pau, Piano EMI 5 74333 2 (1968) Frédéric Chopin 4 Mazurkas Op. 24 Joaquín Turina5 Danzas Gitanas, Series 2 Op. 84Franz SchubertFantasia D. 940 in F MinorJohannes Brahms4 Hungarian Dances Katarina & Vladimir Krpan, Piano Nemini Similis SC9605 (1995) Link to "The Odd Couple" previous post: BONUS: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concerto No. 22 K. 482 in E-Flat MajorJohannes BrahmsSymphony No. 4 Op. 98 in E Minor Barry Douglas, Piano Orchestra del Teatro la Fenice di VeneziaYuri TemirkanovRAI Digital Archives – Venice, 4 May 2002 MUST-HAVE (mainly for the Douglas) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 36 K. 425 in C Major ‘Linz’Claude Debussy Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune Franz Schubert Rondo D. 438 in A Major for Violin and Orchestra Thomas Zehetmair, Violin Mahler Chamber Orchestra Alan Gilbert RAI Digital Archives – Ferrara, 30 October 2002 Flac & Scans

Meeting in Music

March 10

The long Goodbye

It was during the historical months which saw the Berlin wall tumble down that Kurt Masur recorded his exquisite Symphonies cycle, roughly at the same time, Harnoncourt, a Berliner, gifted us with one of the most celebrated cycles ever. The two venerable Maestros, whose musical ideas - albeit so different in many ways - have always been marked by a constant research for authenticity, have now left us bereft of their rigorous approach to the Masters, of their humble sensitivity. Not only we remember them with deep gratitude, but we are also pleased to add a few others gems by other great interpreters of their time. Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 1 Op. 21 in C Major Symphony No. 3 Op. 55 in E-Flat Major 'Eroica' The Chamber Orchestra of Europe Nikolaus Harnoncourt Teldec 9031-75708-2 (1990) Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 2 Op. 36 in D Major Symphony No. 5 Op. 67 in C Minor The Chamber Orchestra of Europe Nikolaus Harnoncourt Teldec 9031-75712-2 (1990) Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 4 Op. 60 in B-Flat Major Symphony No. 7 Op. 92 in A Major The Chamber Orchestra of Europe Nikolaus Harnoncourt Teldec 9031-75714-2 (1990) Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 6 Op. 68 in F Major 'Pastoral' Symphony No. 8 Op. 93 in F Major The Chamber Orchestra of Europe Nikolaus Harnoncourt Teldec 9031-75709-2 (1990) Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 9 Op. 125 in D Minor 'Choral' Charlotte Margiono, Soprano; Birgit Remmert, Mezzo-Soprano Rudolf Schsching, Tenor; Robert Holl, Bass Arnold Schoenberg Chor The Chamber Orchestra of Europe Nikolaus Harnoncourt Teldec 9031-75713-2 (1991) Ludwig van Beethoven Missa solemnis Op. 123 Eva Mei, Soprano; Marjana Lipovšek, Mezzo-Soprano Anthony Rolfe Johnson, Tenor; Robert Holl, Bass Arnold Schoenberg Chor The Chamber Orchestra of Europe Nikolaus Harnoncourt Teldec 9031-74884-2 (1992) Ludwig van Beethoven Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus Op. 43 The Chamber Orchestra of Europe Nikolaus Harnoncourt Teldec 4509-90876-2 (1993) Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 1 Op. 21 in C Major Symphony No. 5 Op. 67 in C Minor Gewandhausorchester Leipzig Kurt Masur Philips 426 782-2 (1987-1989) Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 2 Op. 36 in D Major Symphony No. 7 Op. 92 in A Major Gewandhausorchester Leipzig Kurt Masur Philips 432 994-2 (1989-1990) Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 3 Op. 55 in E-Flat Major 'Eroica' Symphony No. 8 Op. 93 in F Major Gewandhausorchester Leipzig Kurt Masur Philips 434 913-2 (1992) Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 4 Op. 60 in B-Flat Major Symphony No. 6 Op. 68 in F Major 'Pastoral' Gewandhausorchester Leipzig Kurt Masur Philips 434 919-2 (1991-1992) Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 9 Op. 125 in D Minor 'Choral' Sylvia McNair, Soprano; Jard van Nes, Mezzo-Soprano Uwe Heilmann, Tenor; Bernd Weikl, Baritone Rundfunkchor Leipzig & Gewandhaus-Kinderchor Gewandhausorchester Leipzig Kurt Masur Philips 434 919-2 (1991) Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 5 Op. 67 in C Minor Wiener Philharmoniker Carlos Kleiber DGG 415 861-2 (1975) Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 9 Op. 125 in D Minor 'Choral' Coriolan (Overture) Op. 62 Gundula Janowitz, Soprano; Hilde Rössel-Majdan, Contralto Waldemar Kmentt, Tenor; Walter Berry, Baritone Wiener Singverein Berliner Philharmoniker Herbert von Karajan DGG 447 401-2 (1963-1966) Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 9 Op. 125 in D Minor 'Choral' Solveig Kringelborn, Soprano; Felicity Palmer, Mezzo-Soprano Thomas Moser, Tenor; Alan Titus, Baritone Staatsopernchor Dresden Staatskapelle Dresden Giuseppe Sinopoli DGG 453 997-2 (1997) Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4 Op. 58 in G Major Piano Sonata No. 30 Op. 109 in E Major Piano Sonata No. 31 Op. 110 in A-Flat Major Hélène Grimaud, Piano New York Philharmonic Kurt Masur Teldec 3984-26869-2 (1999) Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4 Op. 58 in G Major Piano Sonata No. 23 Op. 57 in F Minor 'Appassionata' Piano Sonata No. 32 Op. 111 in C Minor Quintet Op. 16 in E-Flat Major Symphony No. 5 Op. 67 in C Minor Carol Rosenberger, Piano David Shifrin, Clarinet; Allan Vogel, Oboe Robin Graham, Horn; Ken Munday, Bassoon London Symphony Orchestra Gerard Schwarz Delos 3703 & 3027 (1989) Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5 Op. 73 in E-Flat Major 'Emperor' Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Piano Wiener Symphoniker Carlo Maria Giulini DGG 419 249-2 (1979) Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5 Op. 73 in E-Flat Major 'Emperor' Rudolf Serkin, Piano Boston Symphony Orchestra Seiji Ozawa Telarc 80065 (1981) Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1 Op. 15 in C Major Piano Concerto No. 2 Op. 19 in B-Flat Major Wiener Philharmoniker 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No. 4 in B Minor Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Piano Ermitage 432-2 (1990) Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 14 Op. 27 No. 2 in C-Sharp Minor 'Moonlight' Johannes Brahms Variations on a Theme by Paganini Op. 35 César Franck Prélude, Choral et Fugue Evgeny Kissin, Piano RCA 0902668910 2 (1997) Flac & Scans Previous Beethoven post by Davide from August 2014 here

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